Ambient Deploys DEX On Mainnet

Friday, June 16, 2023

Ambient Deploys DEX On Mainnet

Quick Take

  • Ambient Finance launches its DEX on mainnet.
  • Metamask integrates Connext into its bridge portal.
  • Developers prepare final EIPs for Deneb.
  • Matchi Big Brother files a lawsuit against ZachXBT.

Ambient Deploys DEX On Mainnet

Ambient Finance launched its two-sided AMM-based DEX on Ethereum Mainnet, which combines concentrated and constant product liquidity in a single pool. Built on a singleton contract, Ambient features flash accounting for low-cost transactions. Traders can deposit funds into the DEX for deferring token transfers to net settlement.

Flash accounting also enables LPs to adjust positions with a single transaction, eliminating the need to withdraw and re-mint positions. Ambient also features hooks, limit orders, and supports EIP-712 for signature-based execution and ERC-20 token gas payments. Ambient plans to expand to other chains in the coming months.

Metamask Integrates Connext Network

MetaMask integrated Connext as a bridge provider on its portfolio app bridge portal. Connext is a cross-chain transfer protocol that supports contract-to-contract interactions across EVM chains and rollups. The bridge uses an onchain data model that locks and unlocks liquidity without relying on external validators.

The MetaMask portfolio app already supports Hop, Celer cBridge, and Polygon Bridge as bridge providers through an integration with bridge aggregators Socket and LI.FI. MetaMask also uses a framework for implementing bridges, which includes criteria for network and token support, trust minimization, and reliability.

Developers Prepare Final EIPs For Deneb

Core developers are working to implement EIP-7044, EIP-7045, and EIP-4788 into Deneb, the next upgrade to Ethereum’s consensus layer (CL). Last week, core developers confirmed the last set EIPs for Cancun, the upgrade to Ethereum’s execution layer (EL). Coined as the Dencun, the upgrades will be executed later this year.

During this week’s ACDC call, developers postponed the inclusion of EIP-6988 pending additional research. This EIP prevents a slashed validator from becoming a block proposer. Developers also discussed raising the maximum effective balance for validators to enable stakers to earn rewards on balances over 32 ETH. The proposal will undergo further discussion on

ZachXBT Faces Lawsuit From Machi Big Brother

ZachXBT, an independent investigator known for holding crypto scammers accountable, is being sued by Jeff Huang, a Taiwanese entrepreneur commonly known as Machi Big Brother. In the lawsuit, Huang claims that he was defamed in a blog post written by ZachXBT, which alleges Huang of having embezzled millions of dollars. Over $750k has been donated by community members to an address setup by ZachXBT to pay for legal expenses. ZachXBT will be represented by lawyers from Brown Rudnick, a law firm that handled the Johnny Depp defamation case.

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