Aave GHO Risk Analytics Dashboard

The dashboard includes 20 risk metrics including peg performance and collateral distribution behind borrows.

Aave GHO Risk Analytics Dashboard

Quick Take

  • IntoTheBlock risk radar for GHO.
  • Cairo short-term roadmap.
  • Aztec Grants Wave 3.
  • Curve supports leverage for crvUSD.

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Aave GHO Risk Analytics Dashboard

DeFi analytics platform IntoTheBlock released a risk radar dashboard for Aave’s GHO stablecoin. The dashboard includes 20 risk metrics, including peg performance compared to other stablecoins, collateral distribution behind borrows, and whales’ credit history. Users can use the dashboard to monitor de-pegging events in real time. There is currently 22 million GHO backed by $53 million worth of collateral, giving it a collateralization ratio of 2.4. 34% of GHO is currently backed by wstETH, followed by 26.6% WETH and 17.4% WBTC. IntoTheBlock also notes that GHO has struggled to keep peg with other stablecoins, likely due to low initial liquidity.

Cairo Short-Term Roadmap

Starkware released a short-term roadmap for Cairo, the native programming language for Starkent. Starkware is currently working on releasing Cairo v1.1.0 on Starknet Mainnet. The roadmap includes a transition to Cairo v2, an upgrade that introduces new contract syntax aiming to enhance safety and decrease bugs. The new syntax will cause breaking changes, requiring developers to modify the out-most layer of their contracts. Upcoming features will include support for importing components defined in external libraries, Ethereum signature verification, support for signed numbers, and a native type for long strings. According to Starkware, Cairo is now stable enough to support complex applications.

Aztec Network Grants Wave 3

Aztec Network announced Grants Wave 3, a funding round that will provide retroactive grants for developers who contribute to the Noir ecosystem. Noir is a Rust-based high-level programming language for writing zero-knowledge proofs. The grants program aims to fund independent developers for completing Noir projects. Aztec is seeking the development of libraries, WebAuth applications, zkAML, zkEmail, and code visualizations, among other Noir-specific tooling. The grants program will remain open through the end of 2023. Developers who maintain non-Noir-specific projects used by the Aztec ecosystem are also encouraged to inquire into the grants.

Curve Supports Leverage For crvUSD

Curve now supports leveraged borrowing for crvUSD minters. Users can now access up to 9x leverage when borrowing crvUSD against ETH, wstETH, sfrxETH, or wBTC using the crvusd.curve.fi front end. crvUSD is an over-collateralized stablecoin that uses a Lending Liquidating AMM Algorithm. Close to 50 million crvUSD has been minted since the stablecoin’s launch in May.