AltLayer Integrates The OP Stack

Developers can now easily create a customized OP Stack chain through AltLayer.

AltLayer Integrates The OP Stack

Quick Take

  • AltLayer integrates the OP Stack.
  • Balancer suffers a $978k exploit. ​
  • Aztec Network shares an upgrade proposal.
  • Farcaster begins its V3 migration.

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AltLayer Integrates The OP Stack
Rollup-as-a-service provider AltLayer integrated the OP Stack into its no-code rollup suite. Developers can now easily create a customized OP Stack chain through AltLayer. Node infrastructure is also managed by AltLayer, allowing developers to focus on building their dapps. The OP Stack is a collection of open-source software modules. OP Stack modules are standardized and allow anyone to create customized L2 chains. AltLayer's support enhances accessibility for developers interested in using the OP Stack. AltLayer’s platform also supports multiple sequencer designs and data availability solutions. AltLayer plans to launch on mainnet later this year.

Farcaster Begins V3 Migration To OP Mainnet
Web3 social protocol Farcaster is now in the process of a V3 migration to OP Mainnet. After the migration, the protocol will support permissionless signups and will require new users to pay at least $5 to store messages. The upgrade process will affect several APIs and contracts, including operations for registration, storage, and monitoring. Farcaster developers are advised to prepare for the migration and any unforeseen issues

Aztec Network Upgrade Proposal

Taiko researcher Crypto Builder published a new proposal outlining how Aztec Network should release new node software and chain smart contract upgrades. Coined as the "Slow Soul Upgrade Mechanism", the mechanism seeks to provide a collaborative approach to upgrades, prioritizing decentralized decision-making and community input. The proposed process involves initial proposals, community reviews, improvement iterations, and voting stages, with upgrades requiring 90% support. Voting is based on Soul Bound Tokens (SBTs) for organizations and limited user votes for dapps. The proposal comes as Aztec aims to become a fully decentralized network.

Balancer Suffers $978k Exploit

Multi-chain DEX Balancer suffered an exploit resulting in the loss of over $978k DAI. The vulnerability was related to a critical vulnerability disclosed by Balancer. Last week, Balancer urged users to withdraw liquidity from impacted V2 Pools. Balancer stated it was able to safeguard 99.7% of liquidity initially deemed vulnerable. Balancer acknowledged the hack this morning and once again urged users to remove liquidity from impacted pools. Users can connect their wallets to Balancer to check if their positions are impacted.