AltLayer Introduces Restaked Rollups

A framework that integrates decentralized sequencing, verification, and fast finality into new EigenLayer AVS categories

AltLayer Introduces Restaked Rollups

Quick Take

  • AltLayer introduces restaked rollups.
  • EspressoSys releases Timeboost roadmap.
  • WalletConnect decentralization roadmap.
  • Ledger to disable blind signing.

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AltLayer Introduces Restaked Rollups

AltLayer introduced restaked rollups, a new framework designed to streamline rollup services using EigenLayer. The framework integrates decentralized sequencing, verification, and fast finality into new AVS categories. It targets challenges faced by existing rollups, such as verification, centralized sequencing, and slow finality. Restaked rollups combines multiple services, including decentralized sequencing, verification of state correctness, and fast transaction finality, into a single integration. The design allows developers to integrate the bundled services with any rollup stack. AltLayer plans to integrate the framework into its rollup-as-a-service platform.

EspressoSys Timeboost Roadmap

EspressoSys released a decentralization roadmap for Timeboost, a transaction ordering policy. Timeboost, co-developed by Offchain Labs and EspressoSys, will be integrated into the Espresso Sequencer. This policy allows users to optionally pay a fee for priotity block inclusion while reducing the impact of MEV. Arbitrum Anytrust chains will have the option to use Timeboost for transaction ordering. The policy uses an encrypted mempool, ensuring transaction details remain hidden until the order of transactions is finalized. The 2024 roadmap for Timeboost includes its initial integration with Arbitrum Orbit, a testnet launch, and an expansion to support all rollups on the Espresso Sequencer.

WalletConnect Network Roadmap

WalletConnect, a protocol for connecting wallets to dapps, released its roadmap towards decentralization. Currently, the project is iterating on a closed, permissioned version of the WalletConnect Network. In Q1 2024, the focus will shift to a permissioned registry, enabling specific projects to both read and write data. The network will progress to an open yet permissioned launch in Q3 2024. WalletConnect aims to transition into a fully open, permissionless infrastructure layer in 2025, allowing anyone to host their own nodes. WalletConnect has already been integrated by over 500 wallets, enabling users to connect with more than 3,000 dapps.

Ledger To Disable Blind Signing

Ledger announced that by June 2024, blind signing will be removed from its devices. Blind signing means that the signer is unaware of the transaction data they are signing because the message signatures are concealed. Instead, Ledger will require clear signing, requiring users to review transaction data prior to signing it. Ledger has also committed to compensating users impacted by the Ledger Connect Kit library exploit.

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