Applications Open For RetroPGF3

30 million OP tokens will be distributed to projects that have contributed to Optimism.

Applications Open For RetroPGF3

Quick Take

  • Applications open for RetroPGF3.
  • Base introduces Pessimism.
  • Return of Arbitrum Odyssey.
  • Safe introduces ERC-7512.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Applications Are Now Open For RetroPGF 3
The Optimism Collective is now accepting applications for its third retroactive public goods funding round in which 30 million OP tokens will be distributed to projects that have contributed to Optimism. Optimism contributors and builders can apply between now and October 23rd. Badge holders, which are members that have been selected to be part of the Citizens' House, will vote on the allocation of the 30 million OP tokens in November. The Citizens' House is a one-person one-vote-based governance system. 20% of the OP token treasury has been allocated to RetroPGF.

Base Introduces Pessimism Monitoring System
Base introduced Pessimism, an open-source monitoring system designed to enhance security across the OP Stack and Ethereum ecosystems. Pessimism can be used to detect protocol threats and security vulnerabilities specific to the OP Stack and EVM-compatible chains. Developers can use Pessimism to monitor network performance. The system consists of three primary subsystems ETL, Risk Engine, and Alerting. Coinbase plans to expand Pessimism's coverage to include bridge monitoring, including withdrawal safety and detecting potential faults. Users can make feature requests and contribute to Pessimism by opening an issue on GitHub.

Arbitrum Odyssey Returns

Arbitrum announced the return of Arbitrum Odyssey, a seven-week initiative that rewards users with NFTs for completing protocol-specific tasks on the network. Initially launched in June 2022, the program was paused after its first week due to high traffic and higher-than-expected gas fees. Arbitrum partnered with a Galxe for the initiative. The new Arbitrum Odyssey is set to commence on September 26th and will encompass tasks involving 13 different protocols. Arbitrum explicitly stated that participants will not receive airdrops apart from the NFT badges earned. Arbitrum also announced Hop Protocol as the winner of Bridge Week. Users who used Hop during Bridge Week can now claim their NFT badge.

Safe Introduces ERC-7512

Safe introduced ERC-7512, a proposed standard aiming to bridge the gap between smart contract audit reports, which are typically in PDF form, and smart contracts deployed onchain. The standard simplifies the discovery and verification of audits. ERC-7512 allows audit firms to cryptographically sign their reports using EIP-712 signatures. Onchain smart contracts audits can then be parsed to extract audit details, such as auditor information and verified standards. Audit firms can also build their reputation through onchain attestations facilitated by Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS). ERC-7512 is currently open for community discussion.

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