Arbitrum STIP Round 1 Results

29 top-voted projects securing a share of 50 million ARB tokens.

Arbitrum STIP Round 1 Results

Quick Take

  • Voting concludes for Arbitrum STIPs.
  • Omni Network integrates Vienna.
  • Clave introduces PIP-27.

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Arbitrum STIP Round 1 Results

Voting for the Arbitrum Short-Term Incentives Program (STIP) concluded with the 29 top-voted projects securing a portion of 50 million ARB tokens. 57 out of a total of 97 proposals met the 71.5 million ARB quorum, however, the funds were exhausted after the 29th top-voted project. The top 10 delegates held 55% of the voting power. GMX, ranking fourth in the voting, will obtain the largest requested allocation of 12 million ARB tokens, making up 24% of the programโ€™s supply. Camelot led in first with over 200 million votes. Proposals obtaining incentive funds include JonesDAO, Dopex, Galxe, Socket, Pendle, Frax, Tally, Trader Joe, and Balancer.

Omni Network Integrates Vienna

Omni Network integrated Vienna, an OP Stack chain co-deployed by Caldera and Espresso Systems. Positioned as a Layer 1 chain and claimed to be backed by restaked ETH, Omni Network enables developers to build cross-rollup applications without introducing additional complexity. Omni Network enables connections with various Ethereum rollups, including as Arbitrum, Linea, Scroll, and Optimism. Vienna is integrated with the Espresso Sequencer, offering access to decentralized sequencing power. Omni and Caldera aim to address liquidity fragmentation issues while ensuring secure rollup interoperability.

Clave Introduces PIP-27

Clave, a smart wallet provider, introduced Polygon Improvement Proposal (PIP) 27, a proposal derived from EIP-7212, which seeks the addition of a new precompiled contract to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The proposal aims to enable signature verifications on the secp256r1 elliptic curve with designated parameters. The curve is widely used in web2 authentication and supported by Hardware Security Modules. PIP-27 aims to allow developers to create secure and cost-efficient smart wallets.

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