Argent X Integrates JediSwap DEX

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Quick Take

  • Argent X integrates JediSwap DEX.
  • Aztec Network begins Grants Wave 3.
  • Hashverse Early Access launches on January 12th.
  • Camelot adds an incentivized pool for $HOP/$ETH.

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Aztec Grant Funding Wave 3

Aztec Network is now accepting applications for its third grant funding round. The Aztec Grants Program provides developers building in the Aztec ecosystem with financial support and access to resources. Aztec is seeking proposals for independent wallets, application front-ends, Aztec Connect Bridges, and Aztec-native applications.

Aztec Connect Bridges allows the Aztec rollup to connect with layer one DeFi applications. The network has already integrated with Aave, Euler, Element Finance, Yearn, and Lido. Aztec is also looking for developer feedback on Noir, its Rust-based privacy programming language. Last month, Aztec raised a $100 million Series B led by a16z.

GMX User Phished Out Of $3.5 Million

A GMX user fell victim to a phishing attack that resulted in roughly $3.5 million worth of $GMX tokens being drained. An attacker was able to convince the user to approve a malicious smart contract that drained the user’s $GMX tokens. GMX confirmed the attack was not a result of any security issues on its platform.

The stolen $GMX tokens were swapped into ether via Uniswap. The attacker then used Hop Protocol and Across Protocol to bridge the funds to Ethereum. Currently, 2,820 ether remains in the attacker’s wallet. The price of $GMX fell nearly 4% during the attack. GMX is a perpetual decentralized exchange on Arbitrum.

Hashverse Early Access Launch

Hashflow, a multi-chain DEX, is launching its Hashverse Early Access program on January 12th. The program allows token holders to stake $HFT in exchange for rewards and $veHFT, a vote-escrowed token used for participating in Hashflow governance. A full launch for the Hashverse is still planned at a later date.

The $veHFT rewards rate is determined based on the amount of $HFT staked and the duration for which it is locked. According to Hashflow, users who stake for at least 6 months will receive up to 10% APR in staking rewards. The rewards will be emitted from 1% of the total $HFT supply allocated to Hashverse rewards.

$HOP Pool Now Live On Camelot DEX

Camelot, an Arbitrum native DEX, added Hop Protocol to its initial group of partners coined as the Round Table. Hop joins GMX, Umami, Jones, Buffer, GMD, Sperax, and Nitro Cartel in bootstrapping liquidity on Camelot. A $HOP/$ETH liquidity pool is now live with farming incentives beginning Friday, January 6th at 6 pm UTC.

Camelot’s DEX infrastructure features dynamic fees, custom NFT wrappers, incentivized liquidity, and escrowed tokens. LPs on Camelot are also rewarded with the DEX’s native $xGRAIL governance token. Hop Protocol is a rollup-to-rollup general token bridge with over $3 billion in total volume across five supported chains.

Argent X Integrates JediSwap DEX

JediSwap, a community-led AMM on StarkNet, is now available natively in the Argent X browser wallet. Users can swap tokens instantaneously with close to zero gas fees. JediSwap also supports liquidity pools and plans to integrate staking at a later date. Jediswap is currently in an Alpha phase and has not been audited.