Bedrock Added To Optimism Bug Bounty

Ethereum News Briefing | Friday, June 2, 2023

Bedrock Added To Optimism Bug Bounty

Quick Take

  • Etherscan releases a new advanced filter.
  • Optimism adds Bedrock to its bug bounty.
  • Aragon receives a proposal to stake 57k ether on Lido.
  • Core developers discuss additional EIPs for inclusion in Dencun.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Bedrock Added To Optimism Bug Bounty
The OP Bedrock upgrade is now included in Optimism’s bug bounty program on Immunefi. Optimism is offering up to $2 million for critical severity issues that result in theft, freezing, or loss of user funds. High-severity bug reports are allocated a $50,000 reward. Optimism also outlined known issues for the legacy and bedrock systems The Bedrock upgrade on OP Mainnet is scheduled to go live on Tuesday, June 6th at 4 PM UTC. The Optimism network will be down for an estimated 4 hours during the upgrade. The Bedrock upgrade enables support for running custom L2 chains on The Superchain and reduces transaction fees through optimized batch compression.

Etherscan Advanced Filter Beta Release

Etherscan released a beta version of a new advanced filter that introduces refined search results. Users can now filter by specific criteria, including transaction types, function names, transaction age, amounts, assets, and to and from addresses. Researchers can use advanced filters to analyze various transactions within a single view. Up to 5 advanced filters can also be saved for users with an Etherscan account. Etherscan attempts to query data from the latest blocks for filtered searches. The beta release does not yet support filters for poor reputation tokens, ignore list tokens, and failed transactions.

Aragon Proposal To Stake 57k ETH On Lido

Aragon, a DAO infrastructure provider, received a proposal to stake 57k ether from its treasury on Lido Finance. The proposal seeks to use Lido for its deep liquidity and relationship with using Aragon smart contracts and tools. The proposal estimates between 2,200 and 3,400 ether in yearly revenue from staking. Pending positive feedback, the proposal could move forward to a community vote in as soon as two weeks. Last month, Aragon scrapped its plans to launch the Aragon DAO and transfer of its $200 million treasury to the DAO. The 57k ether, worth just over $100 million, is currently custodied by the Aragon Association.

Starknet v0.11.2 Live On Mainnet

Starknet v0.11.2, an update that activates contracts in Cairo 1, is now live on mainnet. Starknet is currently in a transition period where developers are required to migrate contracts from Cairo 0 to Cairo 1. Currently, contracts can be deployed in either Cairo 0 or Cairo 1, but only Cairo 1 will be supported after a network regenesis later this year. Nethermind also released Juno v0.3.1 of its Starknet full-node client. StarkNet v0.12.0, the next upgrade set to improve transaction speeds, will be released later this month. Starknet is an L2 network powered by ZK Rollup and uses its own native programing language known as Cairo.

Additional EIPs For Dencun

Core developers plan to build EIPs 4788, 7044, and 7045 into the Dencun upgrade. EIP 4788 exposes beacon chain roots in the EVM to enable access to information on the consensus layer. EIP-7044 seeks to lock the voluntary exit signature domain on Capella for perpetual validity. And EIP-7045 increases the maximum attestation inclusion slot in an effort to improve security. EIP-6988, which aims to prevent a slashed validator from being elected as a block proposer, is also under discussion. Only three EIPs have been formally confirmed for Dencun, including EIP-4844, EIP-1153, and EIP-6780.