Blocknative Introduces Ethernow Transaction Explorer

The explorer provides visibility into pre-chain and real-time transaction activities.

Blocknative Introduces Ethernow Transaction Explorer

Quick Take

  • Blocknative transaction explorer.
  • Safe introduces Safe{RecoveryHub}.
  • Dencun on Goerli until January 2024.
  • Connext announces the Bacco network upgrade.

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Blocknative Ethernow Pre-Chain Explorer

Blocknative launched, an new transaction explorer designed to provide visibility into pre-chain and real-time transaction activities. Distinct from traditional block explorers that focus on post-chain data, Ethernow shows transactions from the moment they appear in the public mempool until finalization. Users can monitor transaction anxiety, slippage, and MEV activities. Ethernow provides insights into private transaction order flow, block construction metrics, and grants access to a historical mempool and transaction data up to 60 days old. Ethernow aims to reduce information asymmetries regarding pre-chain data. The development of the explorer was supported by a grant from the Ethereum Foundation.

Safe Introduces Safe{RecoveryHub}

Safe launched the Safe{RecoveryHub}, an account recovery solution for Safe smart wallet users. The system provides a range of recovery options tailored to different custody preferences. Users can appoint hardware wallets, family, or third-party providers as their Recoverers, with Sygnum and Coincover being initial partners. The recovery process does not involve sharing private keys; instead, it operates on a multisig mechanism. Users cam customize their timelock review window. The window allows users to halt the recovery process if needed. After the review window elapses, the designated Recoverer is authorized to transfer wallet ownership. Safe smart wallet users can set up recovery in their Safe{Wallet} settings.

Dencun To Activate On Goerli In 2024

Ethereum core developers agreed to not set a fork date for the Goerli testnet until early 2024. The Dencun upgrade could be activated on Goerli as soon as mid-January. In preparation, developers plan to execute a shadow fork on Goerli in the upcoming weeks. Shadow forks are used to test various scenarios in a controlled environment before implementing upgrades on live networks. Goerli has the highest node count and state size among Ethereum testnets, second only to mainnet. Its size makes it a an ideal testing ground for the Dencun upgrade, which includes the implementation of EIP-4844 blob transactions. Over the next few weeks, client teams will continue working on and resolving bugs on Devnet 12.

Connext Announces Bacco Network Upgrade

Connext Network announced the Bacco network upgrade, an update that reduces the cost of supporting new chains. Bacco enables Connext to expand support for new chains more rapidly. Bacco allows messages to be passed between chains via the Connext Sequencer, instead of through other rollups' sequencers. The method involves an optimistic approach with a 30-minute fault detection window for potential disputes by Watchers. The upgrade is scheduled for December 14th, following a successful DAO vote.

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