Building ZKPs For The OP Stack

Optimism approved two proposals for the implementation of a ZKP system capable of proving the Optimism fault-proof program.

Building ZKPs For The OP Stack

Quick Take

  • Optimism approves grants for building ZKPs.
  • Starkware unviels its first Starknet appchain.
  • Argent launches an NFT marketplace on Starknet.
  • Ethereum’s KZG Ceremony ends this Sunday.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Optimism ZKPs For OP Stack
Optimism approved two proposals for the implementation of a ZKP system capable of proving the Optimism fault-proof program. The proposals were made as part of a Foundation Mission RFP that specified the initiative as part of an Intent for technical decentralization. Each proposal will receive a 250k OP token payout. A proposal by RISC Zero suggests upgrading Optimism's fault protocol to use ZKPs with the goal of significantly reducing the time required to achieve finality. RISC Zero will also build tooling that proves the correctness of Optimism state transitions to the L1, including the L1->L2 derivation logic and sequences of Optimism epochs. A second proposal by O(1) Labs seeks to implement a fault-proof program compatible MIPS VM. According to the project, the implementation will be capable of proving the correctness of arbitrary program execution traces with enhanced efficiency. The solution will also use Kimchi, a proof system that currently powers Mina Protocol.

Starknet Unviels Paradex Appchain

Starkware unveiled Paradex, a new crypto-derivatives exchange launching as the first appchain on Starknet mainnet using the Starknet Stack. Paradex will offer perpetual futures trading on a custom instance of Starknet, providing higher throughput and capital efficiency. Paradex also implements custom features, such as multi-calls. The Paradex appchain will go live in August. Paradex is built with code written in Cairo, Starknet’s native programming language. Paradex is also incubated and maintained by Paradigm. Starkware recently introduced the Starknet tech stack for deploying app chains on its STARK-based permissionless ZK-Rollup. STARK proofs rely on hash functions and offer enhanced security without the need for a trusted setup.

Argent Launches Starknet NFT Marketplace

Smart contract wallet provider Argent introduced Unframed, an NFT marketplace native to Starknet. The marketplace currently features verified collections on Starknet, with plans to incorporate additional collections and rankings in the future. Argent aims to streamline the user experience for NFTs on Starknet. Unframed marks the third NFT marketplace on Starknet. Argent is behind Argent X, the first browser extension wallet for the Starknet L2 network. Argent X offers fiat on-ramps and supports swaps, attracting over 1 million wallet creations since its launch in 2021.

Devconnect Scholars Program Applications

Devconnect Scholars Program applications close on July 23rd. The program provides financial support to talented and value-aligned individuals from underrepresented communities that are looking to attend Devconnect. Scholars receive support for transportation and accommodation. Devconnect is an Ethereum-focused conference separate from Devcon, taking place in Istanbul from November 13-19.

KZG Ceremony End On Sunday

Contributions for Ethereum’s KZG ceremony also close on Sunday, July 23rd. Any wallet with a transaction nonce of 8 is able to contribute to the ceremony ahead of its conclusion. The KZG ceremony is a process that collects entropy from contributors to be used in a commitment scheme for EIP-4844. The initiative has received over 122,000 contributions.