CCTP Goes Live On Arbitrum

Users can now teleport native USDC across Arbitrum, Ethereum, and Avalanche.

CCTP Goes Live On Arbitrum

Quick Take

  • Circle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol goes live on Arbitrum.
  • Nethermind releases Sedge v1.2.1.
  • Flashbots publishes a transparency report.
  • Aave governance votes for a V3 deployment on Scroll.

CCTP Goes Live On Arbitrum

Curcle’s Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) is now live on Arbitrum One, allowing users to teleport USDC across Arbitrum, Ethereum, and Avalanche. As opposed to current lock-and-mint bridge designs, the protocol uses a mint-and-burn mechanism, improving speed, security, and capital efficiency for cross-chain transfers.

The CCTP is initially supported on six ecosystem bridging apps, including Celer’s cBridge, Li.Fi’s Jumper exchange, and Router Protocol’s Voyager bridge. New chains added to the CCTP will automatically be connected to all existing chains on the protocol. Circle launched native USDC on Arbitrum earlier this month. Arbitrum is the largest rollup with nearly $6 billion in TVL.

Nethermind Releases Sedge v1.2.1

Nethermind released Sedge v1.2.1, an updated version of its node and validator setup tool. The release introduces new commands for guided setups, such as keystore generation, network selection, and node and client configurations. It also provides support for all four execution layer clients and four consensus layer clients.

Sedge includes slashing protection and facilitates the import and export of slashing protection interchange data, in accordance with EIP-3076. Sedge aims to lower technical barriers for solo stakers by providing a 1-click setup tool that automatically configures the client setup process, including the installation of any dependencies.

Flashbots Publishes A Transparency Report

Flashbots published a transparency report covering the project’s latest developments for mev-boost, mev-boost-relay, mev-share, and MEV at the L2 level. Since the Merge, over 220k ETH has been distributed to proposers through MEV-Boost and the implementation of proper-builder separation (PBS).

An mev-share beta user received a record refund of 10.8 ether in a single-blind backrun. The report also highlights new validator and builder interactions that will be introduced with Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade. Flashbots is also looking to hire 9 engineers, including engineers for mev-boost, mev-share, and SGX developments.

Aave Votes For V3 Deployment On Scroll

Aave governance approved a temperature check proposal to deploy an Aave V3 MVP on Scroll mainnet. The proposal still needs to undergo risk and technical assessments before an AIP vote goes live. Scroll is currently in an alpha testnet phase and plans to launch its ZK-EVM to mainnet in August of this year.

If executed, the MVP deployment will feature WETH, USDC, and wstETH as initial collaterals as well as USDC as the only borrowable asset. Aave also committed $500,000 worth of AAVE tokens to provide additional security guarantees for the launch. Scroll first introduced its EVM-Equivalent ZK-Rollup in June 2022.

KyberSwap Now Supports zkSync

Kyber Network added support for zkSync Era as the 14th chain on its KyberSwap DEX aggregator. The deployment includes integrations for Mute and SyncSwap. LPs can earn dynamic fees by provisioning liquidity in KyberSwap Classic Pools. zkSync Era is an EVM-compatible ZK Rollup with $650 million in TVL.

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