Celestia Announces TIA Genesis Drop

The airdrop will distribute 60 million TIA tokens.

Celestia Announces TIA Genesis Drop

Quick Take

  • Celestia announces its TIA token genesis drop.
  • EF ESP Data Collection Grants.
  • Blocknative suspends MEV-Boost Relay.
  • Paradigm launches a crypto policy initiative.

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Celestia Announces TIA Genesis Drop

Celestia, a modular data availability network, unveiled plans for its Genesis Drop, an airdrop of its native network and governance token called TIA. The airdrop will distribute 60 million TIA tokens, equivalent to 6% of the token’s total supply, to developers and onchain addresses that have interacted with Ethereum rollups, Cosmos Hub, and Osmosis. Eligible users can claim their airdrop until October 17, 2023. The claimed tokens will be readily accessible directly in users' wallets once the network launches on mainnet. TIA tokens will be used to pay for blobspace within Celestia's network, which operates on a Data Availability Sampling-based architecture.

ESP Data Collection Grants

The EF ESP announced the Data Collection Grants, a grants initiative for research and development related to data collection and visualization of the Ethereum network. The program seeks the development of open-source infrastructure for testnets and data collection, such as fork monitors, better indexing, and standardized data models. Builders can submit a proposal between now and October 23rd. Proposals can be at any stage of development, however, the program does not reward retroactive work. Grant selection criteria include the potential impact on the Ethereum data ecosystem, relevant team experience, budget and timeline, and alignment with program goals.

Blocknative Suspends MEV-Boost Relay

Blocknative is suspending its MEV-Boost Relay and associated Ethereum Block Builders, effective from September 27th at 8 AM PST. The Relay Data API will be deprecated after October 4th. Blocknative says the change is not expected to disrupt validator, builder, searcher, or other network operations. Blocknative cited a focus on economically viable opportunities aligned with its values and capabilities as the reason for the service suspension. Validators, searchers, and Blocknative protect users are advised to make changes to their connection configurations to avoid encountering error messages after the suspension.

Paradigm Launches Policy Lab

Paradigm launched the Paradigm Policy Lab, an initiative for crypto policy consisting of a team disciplined in academia, law, and technology. The crypto policy group will conduct research and analysis focused on reshaping crypto policy and fostering innovation. The initiative includes an Academic Fellowship Program and a Research Hub for addressing crypto policy questions.

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