Celestia DA Streaming To Ethereum

Blobstream allows developers to deploy L2 rollups that leverage Celestia light clients for Data Availability Sampling.

Celestia DA Streaming To Ethereum

Quick Take

  • Celestia introduces Blobstream.
  • zkSync unveils first hyperchain app.
  • Infinex launches a farming app.
  • Base announces a bootcamp program.

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Celestia DA Streaming To Ethereum

Celestia introduced Blobstream, a solution that streams Celestia's data availability layer to Ethereum. Blobstream allows developers to deploy L2 rollups that leverage Celestia light clients for Data Availability Sampling. The mechanism uses Celestia blobspace which is independently priced from Ethereum gas costs. A smart contract on Ethereum functions as an onchain light client responsible for verifying the validity of data sent by Celestia's light clients and ensuring it is available. Blobstream serves as a DA layer for L2 rollups. It avoids having to rely on a Data Availability Committee (DAC) or expensive L1 calldata for DA. Blobstream is currently live on the Sepolia testnet.

First zkSync Hyperchain App

zkSync unveiled the first appchain that will deploy as a Hyperchain on the ZK Stack, which will be a hybrid derivatives exchange known as GRVT. A hyperchain is a custom ZK-powered L2 rollup or L3 validium built on the ZK Stack. Hyperchains on the ZK Stack can interconnect with other dapps in the zkSync ecosystem. zkSync describes GRVT as a self-custodial centralized exchange. GRVT will use a private Hyperchain for custom sequencing logic, fast settlement, and high throughput. By using Validiums on a private Hyperchain, GRVT will store and encrypt sensitive data offchain, safeguarding users from front-running and MEV attacks.

Infinex Launches Farming App

Infinex, a new CEX-focused front end for Synthteix perps, introduced a farming application that allows traders to earn governance points based on their trading volume. The app aims to include traders from outside the Synthetix ecosystem in the Infinex DAO. Users can accrue points by proving their trading volume across DeFi and CeFi. Supported platforms include Bybit, Binance, Kraken, Kucoin, Synthetix, Kwenta, and Uniswap. Infinex will offer early beta access to users with the highest number of referrals. Infinex will support sUSD, USDC, and USDT deposits. The release of Infinex is expected to coincide with the launch of Synthetix Perps V3.

Base Announces Bootcamp Program

Base announced Base Bootcamp, an eight-week program designed to onboard more onchain developers. The program offers mentorship, access to Base and Coinbase engineers, a gated Discord channel, and comprehensive learning materials. Accepted applicants will work on building real-world dapps on Ethereum and Base, Developers can apply to the program between now and October 27th.

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