Developers Complete EIP/ERC Repo Split

The change aims to enhance the proposal process and facilitate smoother reviews.

Developers Complete EIP/ERC Repo Split

Quick Take

  • Developers successfully split EIP and ERC repositories.
  • Polygon deploys its POL token contract on mainnet.
  • Celestia integrates with Arbitrum Orbit.
  • Caldera integrates Pimlico services

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ERC/EIP Repository Split Completed

Ethereum core developers have split ERCs and EIPs into their own distinct repositories. The change aims to enhance the proposal process and facilitate smoother reviews by having relevant parties tailor their own standardization processes. Previously, EIPs and ERCs were combined within a single tech stack. Ethereum Request For Comments (ERCs) are standards for the ​​application layer while Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) are improvements to the protocol layer. Ethereum core developer lightclient released a migration guide for developers who need to move their PR from the EIP to the ERC repository. The repo split has been under discussion over the past several years.

POL Contracts Go Live On Mainnet

Polygon deployed POL token contracts on Ethereum mainnet. Designed as a hyperproductive, POL will be used for native gas payment, staking, and governance. POL token holders will be able to validate multiple ZK-powered chains through a distinct re-staking system. The POL token contract is now available on Ethereum. The transition from MATIC to POL is part of PIP-19, marking Phase 0 of Polygon's transition to 2.0. Future phases will introduce a staking layer, a migration to ZK Rollup, a shared liquidity protocol, and an interoperability layer for connecting all Layer 2 chains. The changes don’t yet impact end users on Polygon.

Celestia Integrates With Arbitrum Orbit

Celestia integrated its data availability network with Arbitrum Orbit and Arbitrum Nitro. The integration allows developers to deploy Orbit chains that relay data to Celestia using Blobstream, a solution optimized for Data Availability Sampling (DAS). Arbitrum Orbit is a tech stack for deploying L3 appchains on Arbitrum AnyTrust chains. Orbit chains can post data availability on Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova L2 chains. Through the integration, developers can access Blobstream using Arbitrum Orbit, Stylus, and Nitro tech stacks. The implementation is currently active on testnet, following Celestia's anticipated mainnet beta launch next month.

Caldera Integrates Pimlico Services

Caldera integrated support for Pimlico account abstraction services. As a rollup-as-a-service provider, Caldera simplifies the deployment process by offering a one-click platform for launching OP Stack and Arbitrum Orbit chains. With the addition of Pimlico, developers can now incorporate ERC-4337 user operations, bundlers, and paymasters into their rollup deployments.

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