Celestia Integrates With Polygon CDK

The integration allows CDK developers to use Celestia as their DA layer.

Celestia Integrates With Polygon CDK

Quick Take

  • Celestia integrating with Polygon CDK.
  • Rainbow launches points.
  • Aztec Sandbox alpha release.
  • Project Diamond on Base.

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Celestia Integrates With Polygon CDK

Celestia unveiled plans to integrate with Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK), enabling developers to choose Celestia as their data availability (DA) layer for rollups built using Polygon CDK. The integration is scheduled to go live early next year. Polygon CDK is a developer stack for creating ZK-powered Layer 2 chains on Polygon 2.0. This integration adds Celestia's DA layer as a component within the Polygon CDK. According to Celestia, its DA layer can reduce transaction fees by up to 100 times through data availability sampling. Users of Polygon CDK chains will also be able to operate a Celestia light node, contributing to ensure data availability.

Rainbow Points Go Live

Rainbow, a mobile and browser-based wallet provider, launched its Rainbow Points rewards program. Eligibility for points was determined based on a snapshot taken on Monday, December 11th. In an effort to attract Metamask users, the drop is offering a points bonus to users who traded on Metamask Swap in the past year. Rainbow is also offering a points bonus to users who import their Metamask Wallet into Rainbow. The points can be claimed on v1.9.11 of the Rainbow mobile wallet app. Points will be sent out every week based on app activity.

Aztec Sandbox Alpha Release

Aztec Network released the alpha version of its Aztec Sandbox, a developmental environment for building privacy-preserving applications. The toolkit allows developers to experiment with private smart contract composability, private L1-L2 function calls, private state management, and hidden function execution. Aztec also initiated an alpha program for developers interested in building on Aztec. Participants committed to a month-long program will be provided with a stipend, co-marketing opportunities, and access to Aztec protocol engineers for guidance and support. Aztec aims to be a fully decentralized privacy-centric Layer 2 network.

Coinbase Announces Project Diamond

Coinbase announced Project Diamond, an institutional platform for creating, buying, and selling digitally native assets on its Base L2 network. Project Diamond aims to enable institutions to bring and manage digitally-native assets onchain. It also features a native USDC integration. The platform is currently intended for institutional investors outside the U.S.

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