Celestia Introduces Fallback To Ethereum

A feature that allows rollups to switch to Ethereum for data availability.

Celestia Introduces Fallback To Ethereum

Quick Take

  • Celestia introduces fallback to Ethereum.
  • Instadapp unviels Avocado Protect.
  • Dappnode launches an MEV smoothing pool.
  • New AVS category on EigenLayer.

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Celestia Introduces Fallback To Ethereum

Celestia launched Fallback, a feature that allows rollups to switch to Ethereum for data availability in the event of downtime on Celestia. The mechanism is designed to prevent funds from getting stuck in L2 bridge contracts and reduces disruptions for users. Developers can activate fallback for rollups that use Celestia as their DA layer. Fallback is activated in situations like a congested mempool, nonce errors, or outages. Rollups will automatically revert to using Celestia for DA once the issues are resolved. The functionality is currently available for OP Stack chains with planned support for Arbitrum Nitro chains.

EigenLayer Cryptoeconomic Coprocessors

EigenLayer introduced serverless cryptoeconomic coprocessors as a new AVS category. Cryptoeconomic coprocessors are stateless offchain systems, while rollups are a stateful offchain system. Sreeram Kannan, the founder of EigenLayer, suggests that intelligent-DeFi will emerge, where onchain value flows are influenced by AI systems with high integrity, rather by onchain equations. Cryptoeconomic coprocessors are optimistic systems that maintain a significant economic bond for execution and an onchain insurance system. According to EigenLayer, cryptoeconomic coprocessors can be used for scenarios that don't involve the highest value applications or the cheapest offchain computation. Kannan proposes the use of EigenLayer for economic security on demand.

Dappnode MEV Smoothing Pool

Dappnode launched Smooth, an MEV smoothing pool designed for solo stakers. The pool allows stakers to collectively earn higher rewards by sharing MEV rewards within the group, increaseing their chances of winning a lottery block. The rewards are then distributed among the participants. 36 solo stakers have already joined the pool. Smooth is comprised of two key components: an Oracle, which calculates and aggregates balances and eligible addresses into a merkle root, and a Contract, responsible for accumulating members' rewards and providing functionalities for subscribing, unsubscribing, and claiming rewards. Dappnode is contributing a few ETH to the pool to encourage early adopters.

Instadapp Introduces Avocado Protect

Instadapp introduced Avocado Protect, a new set of security features for the Avocado smart contract wallet. The features include transaction previews, which show assets entering or exiting the wallet for each transaction, and automated revoke approvals, which allows revoke approvals to be executed after a transaction is complete. Avocado Wallet also supports 2FA via email OTP, SMS OTP, or an authenticator app. Upcoming updates will introduce address whitelisting and the ability to set daily spending limits.

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