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Celo Proposes Transition To L2 On The OP Stack

The new L2 would be built on the OP Stack and would uses EigenDA for data availability.

This story was featured in Episode #253.

Celo Proposes Transition To L2 On The OP Stack

cLabs, the company behind Celo Network, introduced a proposal to transition its blockchain into an L2 network built on the OP Stack. The new L2 would also use an offchain data availability powered by EigenLayer. Known as EigenDA, the solution allows Ethereum restakers on EigenLayer to opt-in to secure DA for other chains. The proposal also outlines an architecture for leveraging Celo's existing validator set to power a decentralized sequencer. The proposal is currently under community discussion with a Celo governance call scheduled for Friday, July 21st. Celo is an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain focused on payment infrastructure.

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