Clique Initial OP Attestation Station Integration

Friday, January 6, 2023

Clique Initial OP Attestation Station Integration

Quick Take

  • OpenSea supports Arbitrum Nova.
  • CB.ID domains are now claimable on mobile.
  • An attacker leaks 200 million Twitter account emails.
  • Balancer urges LPs to withdraw from certain pools.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Clique Initial OP Attestation Station Integration
Identity oracle platform Clique launched its initial integration with Optimism’s Attestation Station, a reputation contract that hosts custom user identity information. Users can now create an on-chain attestation of their social behaviors by connecting a wallet and Twitter account to Clique’s social oracles. The attestation can then be used for minting an Optimist NFT, which is designed to represent a user’s identity across the Optimism Ecosystem. In the future, Clique plans to support zk-SBT contracts, which allow users to create attestations about private data. Clique is one of eight initial partners for the OP Attestation Station.

OpenSea Now Supports Arbitrum Nova

OpenSea now supports NFTs on Arbitrum Nova, a data availability chain by Offchain Labs. OpenSea also joined the chain’s Data Availability Committee (DAC), which is responsible for signing DA certificates and running DA servers. Nova offers ultra-low-cost transactions and is designed for gaming and social applications. Arbitrum-native NFT marketplace Stratos previously supported Arbitrum Nova before shutting down operations last November. Other NFT marketplaces that currently support Nova include Trove by TreasureDAO, Babylons, and ToFu NFT. According to Defillama, Arbitrum Nova currently holds $890k in TVL.

ENS CB.ID Now Available On IOS and Mobile

Coinbase subdomains are now claimable for more than 100 million users on the Coinbase Wallet iOS and Android mobile apps. The feature allows users to create a web3 username powered by ENS, which replaces hexadecimal addresses with human-readable names. The domain makes it easier for users to interact with wallets. Last summer, Coinbase integrated ENS infrastructure using the DNS import feature. Coinbase opted to use its DNS domain “” instead of a “.eth” extension to ensure users are aware that the domain supports addresses for multiple blockchains. The feature was initially available to users on the Coinbase browser extension wallet.

200 Million Twitter Accounts Leaked

Pseudonymous Twitter users are now at risk of being doxed after an attacker leaked 200 million email addresses that are linked to Twitter accounts. @0x796 shared a list of well-known Crypto Twitter users impacted by the breach, which include Mudit Gupta, Nick Johnson, and Time Beiko among countless others. According to Wired, a bug in Twitter’s API allowed an attacker to reveal if a Twitter account was associated with an email address or phone number submitted to the system. Data from the breach appears to have been collected in 2021 as newer accounts are not found in the leak. Users should be cautious of potential phishing attacks.

Balancer Urges Certain LPs To Withdraw ASAP

Balancer urged liquidity providers of certain pools to withdraw assets immediately due to an emergency issue. Balancer first announced an issue related to five liquidity pools on the protocol. An emergency multisig then changed fees for the affected pools to 0 in an effort to mitigate the issue. Balancer said it will publicly disclose the issue once it is resolved. According to Defillama, Balancer is the fourth largest DEX with over $1.5 billion in TVL.