Coinbase Wallet Integrates XMTP Messaging

Coinbase also implemented gas-free USDC wallet-to-wallet payments on Polygon.

Coinbase Wallet Integrates XMTP Messaging

Quick Take

  • Coinbase Wallet integrates wallet-to-wallet messaging.
  • Google Play allows in-app NFT integrations.
  • EigenLayer increases its restaking caps for LSTs.
  • Starknet v0.12.0 goes live on mainnet.

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Coinbase Wallet Integrates XMTP Messaging

Coinbase Wallet introduced wallet-to-wallet messaging powered by XMTP, an open protocol for secure end-to-end encrypted messaging. Users can now send private direct messages to any Ethereum address. XMTP messages are sent off-chain, removing the need for gas-fee interactions.

Users have full control over their chats and can transfer them to any XMTP-compatible app. Lens Protocol and ENS are also integrated into the new feature, allowing users to search for others by their .eth,, or .lens address. Coinbase also implemented gas-free USDC wallet-to-wallet payments on Polygon.

Google Play Updates Policy To Allow NFTs

Google Play is updating its policy to allow for NFT integrations within apps and games. The change aims to foster innovation with user-owned content. Developers are required to disclose digital asset functionality in the Google Play console and must specify if an in-app product represents a tokenized digital asset.

Developers are also not allowed to promote or glamorize potential earnings from playing or trading activities and are prohibited from accepting money for a chance to win assets of unknown real-world monetary value, including NFTs. The policy update was developed in consultation with app and game developers, including Reddit, which previously deployed multiple Avatar NFT collections.

EigenLayer Increases LST Restaking Caps

EigenLayer increased its restaking caps for liquid staking tokens from 9,600 to 45,000 tokens with a max deposit capacity of 15,000 per asset type. EigenLayer currently offers staking for stETH, rETH, and cbETH. Lido’s stETH was the first asset to reach its 15,000 deposit capacity within minutes of the limit increase.

LST withdrawals are subject to a 7-day withdrawal delay. There is currently no limit for restaking native Beacon Chain Ether through EigenPods. So far, 203 Ethereum validators have pointed their withdrawal address to an EigenPod. The protocol is currently in its first of three launch phases and has close to $82 million in TVL.

Starknet V0.12.0 Goes Live On Mainnet

Starknet alpha v0.12.0 is now live on mainnet. Coined as the Starknet Quantum Leap, the upgrade introduced a Rust-based Sequencer and a new Rust-Cairo VM, helping achieve a 10x improvement in transaction throughput on the network. So far, the network has achieved a max throughput of 54 transactions per second.

With faster throughput, Starknet users have better UX and a reduced likelihood of pending transactions. The deployment comes Starknet governance approved a proposal for the upgrade with a 97.9% approval rating.