Connext Calls For Open Bridge Standards

The letter critiques LayerZero's wstETH OFT warning against vendor-locked proprietary standards.

Connext Calls For Open Bridge Standards

Quick Take

  • Call for open bridge standards.
  • Avocado Wallet integrates 2FA.
  • Base offers sponsored testnet txs.
  • ENS.Tools integrates domain auctions.

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Connext Calls For Open Bridge Standards

A group of interoperability protocols, including Connext Network, Across, Celer Network, ChainSafe, Sygma, LI.FI, Socket, Router Protocol, and Hashi, have jointly signed a letter urging for unified and open bridge standards. The letter critiques LayerZero's wstETH OFT, which was deployed without Lido DAO approval. The letter warns against vendor-locked proprietary standards, which present heightened systemic security risks. The group advocates for token issuers to retain full control over their token versions to avoid fragmentation. Other bridge providers are also invited to join the initiative.

Avocado Wallet Integrates 2FA

Avocado Wallet, a deterministic smart contract wallet by Instadapp, now supports 2FA. Users can enable 2FA by setting up an email OTP, SMS OTP, or an authenticator app as their 2FA method. Transactions will then require approval from both the selected 2FA method and an Avocado 2FA node as part of a 2/2 signature scheme. Users are also required to add a backup signer, which can be used when the primary 2FA is unavailable or if the Avocado node fails to approve a transaction. Avocado Wallet features its own network called Avocado Network, which serves as a blockchain aggregator that eliminates the need to switch between different networks.

Base Goerli 4337 Paymaster

Base is offering sponsored testnet transactions for developers who use an ERC-4337 smart contract wallet that is integrated with its Base Goerli paymaster. Developers will need to set up their user operation, estimate gas, adjust for paymaster verification, and connect to the JSON-RPC.  Base plans to deploy its paymaster on the Sepolia testnet at a later date.

ENS Tools Integrates Domain Auctions

ENS domain name discovery and marketplace platform ENS Tools introduced support for domain auctions. Users can now sell their ENS domains in an auction format with a linearly reducing price. Buyers can then bid to purchase a domain with the highest bidder winning at the end of the auction. Once started, the auctions cannot be canceled.

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