ConsenSys Releases Linea zkEVM Public Testnet

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Quick Take

  • ConsenSys releases its Linea zkEVM public testnet.
  • Early ERC-4626 adopters announce the 4626 Alliance.
  • Proposal to activate the ENS Name Wrapper goes live.
  • Certora releases a Solidity mutation tool.

ConsenSys Linea zkEVM Public Testnet

ConsenSys released the public version of its zkEVM testnet called Linea. Formerly known as ConsenSys zkEVM, Linea is an EVM-equivalent ZK-rollup that is capable of handling native EVM bytecode for proving and verification. Linea includes native integrations with ConsenSys infrastructure such as Infura and Truffle.

ConsenSys also added the Linea Goerli testnet natively on the MetaMask Chrome extension v10.27.0. The testnet will be added for MetaMask Firefox, Edge, and mobile users in the coming weeks. Cross-rollup bridge Hop Protocol also added support for bridging to Linea. Linea will host a community call on April 4th, where it will release details about an upcoming NFT testnet voyage.

ERC-4626 Announces 4626 Alliance

Aztec Network, Balancer, mStable, and Superform have joined forces to form the 4626 Alliance, an initiative that aims to advance the development of ERC-4626. The 4626 Alliance consists of a resource hub, a database of deployed ERC-4626 vaults, development bounties, and $15k in contributed capital from founding members.

ERC-4626 is a token standard for the creation of tokenized vaults that represent fractional ownership of an underlying token. The standard removes the need to build custom vault adapters. It creates a streamlined specification that allows protocols to build on top of any ERC-4626-compliant implementation. An initial bounty is available for the creation of a compliant vault on Gearbox.

Proposal To Activate ENS Name Wrapper

A proposal to activate the ENS Name Wrapper is now open for voting until April 4th. The Name Wrapper is a new contract that allows existing second-level ENS domains to be wrapped into ERC-1155 tokens. It also introduces the ability to permanently enable or disable Fuses, which are permissions to certain actions such as transferability.

One of the fuses, coined as "Parent cannot control fuse” or PCC, removes any control over a subdomain when burned by a parent domain. The NameWrapper contract, among other contracts required for the upgrade, was deployed to mainnet earlier this week. If approved, ENS domain holders can use the Name Wrapper as soon as April 7th. Validator Withdrawal Tools

The block explorer implemented a series of validator withdrawal tools in preparation for the Shapella upgrade. In addition to the "Broadcast Signed Messages" tool released earlier this week, added a live data page for processed withdrawals. The page also shows BLS address changes from 0x00 to 0x01.

Solo validators can now set notifications for processed partial and full withdrawals. also released a slot finder that displays expected time slots of future epochs. Lastly, the block explorer released new API endpoints for querying data relating to withdrawals.

Gambit Solidity Mutation Testing Tool

Smart contract auditing firm Certora released Gambit, a mutation generator for Solidity. Gambit can be used to evaluate formal specifications and provides insights for improvement. The tool uses the Certora Prover to automatically verify the generated mutants against the original formal specification. The release also includes a results visualizer and report summary of mutants.