DeFi Saver Goes Live On Base

Users on Base can now access DeFi Saver's signature boost, repay, and single-click position creation features.

DeFi Saver Goes Live On Base

Quick Take

  • Snapshot integrates XMTP notifications.
  • DeFi Saver goes live on Base.
  • Polygon deploys POL contracts on Goerli.
  • Perennial V2 goes live.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

DeFi Saver Goes Live On Base
DeFi Saver is now live on Base with initial support for lending and borrowing on Aave V3 and Compound V3. Users on Base can now access DeFi Saver's signature boost, repay, and single-click position creation features. Users can also swap through a DEX aggregator, bridge via a LiFi protocol integration, and track their portfolio. The implementation also supports Simulation Mode, a sandbox environment for users to test DeFi Saver's functionalities. Base marks the third rollup supported by DeFi Saver, joining Optimism and Arbitrum. In he future, DeFi Saver plans to introduce automated strategies, a yield dashboard, and additional lending protocols.

Snapshot Integrates XMTP Notifications

Snapshot integrated XMTP notifications into its offchain governance voting platform. The integration provides users with an opt-in feature to receive notifications for DAO proposals. To sign-up, users can send an XMTP message to chat.snapshot.eth and confirm their subscription. Users can choose which DAOs they want to receive notifications from by activating the bell icon on the DAO’s Snapshot page. This feature is compatible with any XMTP-enabled application, including Coinbase Wallet, and also supports gasless voting from the same app. Snapshot hopes that the new feature will address voter apathy.

POL Contracts Go Live On Goerli

Polygon deployed contracts for POL on the Goerli testnet. The contracts prepare the token for compatibility with the Polygon 2.0 architecture as part of PIP-19, which is set to transform MATIC into POL. The upgrade will make POL a native gas, staking, and governance token, designed to support an ecosystem of ZK-powered L2 chains. Polygon also introduced two new PIPs that modify the native token-burning mechanism. The proposals include PIP-24, which aims to change the EIP-1559 burn system, and PIP-25, which aims to adjust the POL token supply. This launch signifies the preliminary phase of the project’s transition to Polygon 2.0.

Perennial V2 Goes Live

Derivatives protocol Perennial deployed its V2 upgrade on Arbitrum and Base. The new version introduces faster oracles for reduced order execution time, and a new PID-based dynamic funding rate to ensure lower trading fees. The upgrade also merges Long and Short markets into a single asset market, promoting deeper liquidity and better capital efficiency. V1 users will need to migrate thier liquidity and positions onto the V2 contracts.

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