Dencun Upgrade Scheduled For Testnets

The upgrade will first go live on Goerli on Wednesday, January 17th, at 6:32 UTC.

Dencun Upgrade Scheduled For Testnets

Quick Take

  • Dencun upgrade scheduled for testnets.
  • Gelato launches a rollup deployment platform.
  • Optimism outlines its pathway to a Stage 2 rollup.
  • Arbitrum releases an outage post-mortem.

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Dencun Upgrade Scheduled For Testnets

Core developers have scheduled tentative dates for implementing the Dencun upgrade on the Goerli, Sepolia, and Holesky testnets. The activation will first take place on Goerli at epoch 231680, anticipated to happen on Wednesday, January 17th, at 6:32 UTC. Two weeks later, on January 31st, the upgrade will be activated on Sepolia, followed by an activation on Holesky on February 7th. The Dencun upgrade consists of the Cancun upgrade on the execution layer with the Deneb upgrade on the consensus layer. The upgrade will introduce the implementation of EIP-4844 blob transactions, which reduces data costs for rollups. Dencun also introduces transient storage, beacon block root in the EVM, MCOPY, SELFDESTRUCT only in same transaction, and a new BLOBBASEFEE opcode.

Gelato Rollup Deployment Platform

Gelato Network, known for smart contract automation, launched the Gelato Rollup Deployment Platform. The platform is designed as a no-code solution for deploying custom rollups and is equipped with integrated tools such as oracles, bridges, data indexers, Account Abstraction, and Celestia data availability. The Gelato Rollup Deployment Platform currently supports mainnet deployments on the OP Stack and Polygon CDK tech stacks. Gelato plans support to the Arbitrum Nitro tech stack as well as Avail data availability in the future.

Optimism’s Pathway To Stage 2

Optimism outlined its pathway to evolve into a Stage 2 rollup, a status established in Vitalik Buterin's rollup framework. Stage 2 is characterized by the inability of a security council to modify the state root of the chain. A key step in the transition is the Bedrock upgrade, which introduced support for a multi-proof system. The OP Stack’s modular and open source design enables development teams to work on different proof systems and alternative fault proofs in paralell. Another requirement for Stage 2 is the formation of a security council. Optimism recently passed a governance vote to establish a 16-member security council, which is set to independently manage upgrade keys in 2024

Arbitrum Outage Post-Morterm

Arbitrum release a post-mortem on its sequencer outage on December 15th. Arbitrum says its batch poster, which is responsible for posting transaction data to Ethereum, developed a backlog due to issues with a consensus client and increased volume from inscription transactions. The sequencer then failed to connect to 3rd party node providers and the public RPC. Arbitrum then implemented a fix in a new version of the consensus client node software.

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