Deutsche Telekom Operator On EigenLayer

EigenLayer restakers on the Goerli testnet can now delegate their stake to Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom Operator On EigenLayer

Quick Take

  • Deutsche Telekom joins EigenLayer.
  • EAS announces Attestation Fellowship.
  • Mountain deploys USDM on Polygon.
  • ​Gitcoin student blockchain club round.

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Deutsche Telekom Operator On EigenLayer

Deutsche Telekom, the parent entity of T-Mobile, joined as an operator on the Goerli testnet for EigenLayer. The move showcases Deutsche Telekom's involvement in web3 infrastructure. In EigenLayer, operators are entities who undertake the responsibility of running and maintaining nodes. The nodes play a role in servicing Actively Validated Services (AVSs). Operators, including Deutsche Telekom, gain delegated stake from restakers on EigenLayer. Operators enhance the decentralization and resilience of AVSs. Currently in its second of three launch stages, EigenLayer allows operators to register and choose specific AVSs for validation. Restakers on the Goerli testnet can now delegate their stake to Deutsche Telekom.

EAS Announces Attestation Fellowship

Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) introduced the Attestation Fellowship, a 6-week virtual program for developers building attestation projects.  The program aims to help builders refine and launch their projects, offering weekly workshops, mentorship opportunities, and connections to prominent partners in the ecosystem. Interested developers can apply until February 18th, with the program commencing towards the end of February. Only 10 teams will be chosen to participate, where they will have the chance to showcase their projects during a demo day. EAS is its open-source solution for generating on-chain and off-chain attestations.

Mountain Protocol Deploys USDM On Polygon

Mountain Protocol deployed its yield-bearing USDM stablecoin natively on Polygon PoS. USDM is a rebasing token backed by short-term U.S. treasuries. Users can now earn up to 5% APY on their USDM held on Polygon. Mountain Protocol is an institutional asset issuer. Liquidity for USDM is procured through a USDC facility. The stablecoin has a TVL of $150 million on Ethereum.

Gitcoin Student Blockchain Club Round

Gitcoin will run a grant round for student-led blockchain clubs. The round will take place during GG20, towards the end of Q1. A matching pool will initially be funded by Gitcoin founder Kevin Owocki. Only six student blockchain clubs will be chosen for the pilot round. University blockchain clubs are encouraged to apply for the round via the Gitcoin forum.

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