Developers Add Two More EIPs To Dencun

Developers Add Two More EIPs To Dencun

Quick Take

  • Developers add two EIPs to Dencun.
  • Frame Ethereum rollup focused on NFTs.
  • Aztec private smart contract framework.
  • Polygon proposes the Frontier upgrade.

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Developers Add Two More EIPs To Dencun

Ethereum core developers agreed to add two new EIPs to the Dencun upgrade. EIP-7514 adds a max epoch churn limit on staking deposits, effectively capping the validator activation queue. The change aims to address issues related to the rapid growth of the staked ETH supply and the strain on the consensus layer. It also provides developers with time to design a more robust solution. EIP-7516 will add a new Ethereum opcode called BLOB BASEFEE. The opcode allows rollups to retrieve the blob base-fee value of the current block, which is used to calculate blob data usage costs. Client teams also pushed back the deployment of a 9th devenet by an extra week to implement the changes. The Dencun upgrade is anticipated to go live on mainnet as soon as Q4.

Frame Ethereum Rollup For NFTs

Frame introduced its Ethereum rollup chain with a focus on NFTs. The rollup is designed to cater to NFT creators and collectors and incorporates features like royalties and NFT delegation at the protocol level. Frame intends to establish a Creator Fund, funded through the network's sequencer revenue, which aims to reward creators and builders within the NFT ecosystem. Frame is currently in the development phase and has not yet been deployed. The Frame development team plans to launch the rollup on an existing rollup stack, such as the OP Stack or Arbitrum Nitro. Frame is being developed by 0xCygaar, a pseudo-anonymous blockchain engineer who specializes in smart contract gas optimization.

Aztec Private Smart Contract Framework

Aztec Network introduced, a smart contract framework focused on managing private state within Aztec applications. This framework is built on top of Noir, an open-source ZK programming language, and enables developers to create private smart contracts. simplifies state management by providing templated functions. The framework aims to address complex note management for preserving privacy in smart contract development. It provides functionality similar to Solidity, including state variables, contract addresses, access to context information, and events. Aztec is working the release of a full development kit.

Polygon Phase 0 Frontier Upgrade

Polygon announced a Phase 0 upgrade coined as "Frontier" to lay the foundation for Polygon 2.0. Phase 0 consists of PIPs 17, 18, and 19, which outline high-level upgrades for Polygon PoS and Polygon zkEVM chains.  Phase 0 primarily focuses around four key changes including the transition from MATIC to POL, making POL the native gas token, designating POL as the staking token, and introducing the Staking Layer to the protocol. The changes don’t yet impact end users. The proposed upgrade is currently open for community feedback and is slated for implementation by the end of this year.