EigenDA Supports Arbitrum Orbit Chains

Developers can now choose to post transaction data from their Orbit chain to EigenDA.

EigenDA Supports Arbitrum Orbit Chains

Quick Take

  • EigenDA supports Arbitrum Orbit chains.
  • Holesky Dencun client updates.
  • Swap.Live Uniswap front end.
  • EAS deploys on Arbitrum Nova.

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EigenDA Supports Arbitrum Orbit Chains

EigenDA, EigenLayer's data availability solution, now extends support to Arbitrum Orbit chains. Arbitrum Orbit is a tech stack for creating L2 chains on Ethereum or L3 chains on Arbitrum AnyTrust chains, including Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova. Developers can now choose to post transaction data from their Orbit chain to EigenDA, further reducing transaction costs for end-users. EigenDA represents the first Actively Validated Service service to debut on EigenLayer’s restaking protocol, which holds over $1 billion in TVL. Ethereum restakers can earn yield by opting-in to secure EigenDA. The feature is being incorporated into AltLayer, a Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) plattform for creating custom rollups.

Holesky Dencun Client Releases

Nodes operators on the Holesky testnet are advised to upgrade their clients before the Dencun upgrade, set for epoch 29696 on Wednesday, February 7th, at 11:35 UTC. Operators running a Lodestar client on the Holesky network are required to upgrade to version 1.15.0 to ensure compatibility with the Dencun upgrade. Prysm released version 4.2.1 and Nimbus also released version 24.2.0, both of which are highly recommended updates.

Swap.Live Uniswap Front End

Uri Klarman, CEO of bloXroute, unveiled swap.live, a new interface for Uniswap that features an integrated bloXroute RPC. The DEX alternative is designed to safeguard users from front-running and MEV attacks. Additionally, it bypasses Uniswap's 0.1% front-end fee, offering users lower swapping costs. Future updates include support for real-time price updates. bloXroute specializes in providing MEV relay services and block building solutions. Block builders are entities that assemble transaction bundles into blocks and then propose the blocks to validators for inclusion.

EAS Deploys On Arbitrum Nova

Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS), a protocol for creating both offchain and onchain attestations, launched support for Arbitrum Nova. The rollout features EAS contracts, an indexer, a GraphQL API, and an attestation explorer. Arbitrum Nova, which operates based on a Data Availability Committee (DAC) architecture, is designed for gaming and social applications.

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