EigenLayer Releases An Intro To EigenDA

EigenDA is the protocol's native decentralized data availability service. An AVS testnet is planned for Q4 2023.

EigenLayer Releases An Intro To EigenDA

Quick Take

  • EigenLayer releases an intro to EigenDA.
  • RWA.xyz introduces the Tokenized Asset Coalition.
  • WalletConnect releases the Modal SDK.
  • Base announces initial ecosystem fund investments.

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EigenLayer Releases Intro To EigenDA

EigenLayer released an introduction to EigenDA, its native decentralized data availability service. EigenDA will use the economic security and decentralization provided by EigenLayer restakers to deliver secure, cost-effective, and high-throughput data availability to rollups. EigenDA will mark the first actively validated service (AVS) on EigenLayer. AVS enables restakers to delegate their stakes to participating node operators in exchange for token rewards. EigenLayer also shared technical details, encompassing economic and security considerations. Unlike the traditional approach of requiring all nodes to download and store complete datasets, EigenDA employs erasure coding to fragment data into smaller units.

As more nodes join the network, individual resource costs decrease, and network congestion becomes less frequent. EigenDA also offers customizability, allowing developers to make security-liveness tradeoffs and select staking collateral, coding ratios, and payment token types. AVS launch marks the final launch phase of EigenLayer. The first phase, restaking, has been live since June. EigenLayer is currently focused on deploying a node operator testnet as part of phase two. The project anticipates launching AVS on the testnet by year-end. Once the rollout is complete, restakers will be able to delegate their staked ether to node operators.

RWA Introduces The Tokenized Asset Coalition

RWA.xyz launched the Tokenized Asset Coalition (TAC), a group of companies that are committed to bringing real-world assets onchain through tokenization. Coalition members include Aave Companies, Centrifuge, Circle, Coinbase, Base, Credix, Goldfinch. The coalition aims to deliver educational content, advocate for asset tokenization, and drive onchain adoption. The coalition will have a presence at several industry events and will also host its first Real World Asset Summit on September 19th in NYC. Real-world assets (RWA) are tangible assets that have the potential to be used as collateral, such as treasuries and real estate properties. According to rwa.xyz, over $4.4 billion worth of private credit loans have originated from onchain protocols.

WalletConnect Releases Modal SDK

WalletConnect introduced the WalletConnect Modal SDK, a new library that enables custom WalletConnect modals in iOS and Android apps. The SDK is ideal for advanced scenarios with user-managed connection strings and supports builds in Swift, Kotlin, Flutter, and React Native. Key features include a list of WalletConnect-compatible wallets, a QR code with a connection URI, WalletConnect Explorer listings by platform, support for deep links, and an automatic session recovery mechanism. WalletConnect also plans to release Web3Modal, a feature-rich SDK with ENS resolution and support for injected wallets.

Superchain Highlights 🔴✨

Base Announces Initial Ecosystem Fund Investments
Base announced initial investments made from its Base Ecosystem Fund. The recipients include oracle-based synthetic derivatives protocol Avantis, order book DEX BSX, crypto wallet Onboard, insurance aggregator OpenCover, onchain publishing platform Paragraph, and financial oracle provider Truflation. Base did not disclose the investment amount.