EigenLayer Supports 6 New LSTs

The addition includes wBETH, osETH, swETH, AnkrETH, EthX, and oETH

EigenLayer Supports 6 New LSTs

Quick Take

  • EigenLayer announces support for 6 new LSTs.
  • Erigon releases its 2024 roadmap.
  • Aevo introduces yield-bearing margin.
  • Rescue Node opens to solo stakers.

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EigenLayer Supports 6 New LSTs

EigenLayer announced plans to add six new LSTs to its protocol, set to begin on December 18th at 10am PT. The addition includes wBETH, osETH, swETH, AnkrETH, EthX, and oETH. The new LST options were the winners of EigenLayer’s LST race. The total number of LSTs supported is now nine, joining rETH, cbETH, and wstETH. EigenLayer is also raising the restaking caps for LSTs. Starting from December 18th, the protocol will support deposits up to 200k ETH for each LST, with an overall TVL ceiling of 500k ETH. EigenLayer currently holds 115k ETH in LST deposits and 66k ETH in native restaking. There are no caps for native restaking.

Erigon Releases 2024 Roadmap

Erigon released its 2024 roadmap, which includes the deployment of Erigon 3 and the debut of Erigon++. It also includes Caplin support for a full consensus archive node. Erigon 3 represents the latest iteration of the Ethereum execution layer client, specifically designed for both full archive nodes and various pruned node types. Erigon 3 is scheduled to be released on Polygon at the beginning of 2024, with subsequent rollouts on Ethereum and the Gnosis Chain. The iteration is designed for high efficiency. Erigon++ is also set for an early 2024 release on Ethereum, integrating C++ components and introducing a new, highly efficient module for handling RPC calls.

Aevo aeUSD Yield-Bearing Margin

Aevo, a derivatives-focused rollup, introduced aeUSD, a yield-generating stablecoin-based collateral asset for its derivatives trading platform. aeUSD, offering a 4.75% APY, allows traders to earn interest on their margin and trade up to 20x leverage. aeUSD is an ERC-4626 token is composed of 5% USDC and 95% sDAI. The yield is sourced from Maker DAO’s DAI Savings Rate. Aevo has set an initial deposit limit of $4 million. The Aevo rollup is built on Conduit, a rollup-as-a-service platform, and uses a custom version of the OP Stack codebase. Aevo provides an options trading exchange that combines offchain order books with onchain settlements.

Rocket Rescue Node Opens To Solo Stakers

Rescue Node, a fallback node for node operators, is now available for solo stakers. Rescue Node is designed to be an emergency fallback solution during downtime or maintenance. The tool is comprised of a custom reverse-proxy, an API, and a UI for obtaining a consensus client fallback URL. Node operators can use Rescue Node as a fallback when switching clients. The service ensures that duties such as attestations, proposals, and sync committees are performed. To prevent spam, node operators can only request a temporary fallback credential for 10 days at a time, twice times per year.

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