EIPs Added For Inclusion In Cancun

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Quick Take

  • Core developers add EIPs for inclusion in Cancun.
  • Numoen introduces a vault for Uniswap LPs.
  • AltLayer integrates support for Arbitrum Orbit.
  • Socket announces an incentivized testnet for its DataLayer.

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EIPs Added For Inclusion In Cancun Upgrade

Ethereum core developers decided to include EIP-1153, EIP-6475, and EIP-6780 in the Cancun upgrade. EIP-4844 was already confirmed for inclusion last month. EIP-1153 introduces two new transient storage opcodes that optimize gas and improve communication between nested frames of execution in smart contracts.

EIP-6475 introduces a new Simple Serialize (SSZ)  serialization scheme that improves readability. EIP-6780 is an edge-case update to the self-destruct opcode. Developers also decided to delay EOF until the Prague upgrade. Developers will shut down EIP-4844 devnet 4 as devnet 5 was successfully launched earlier this week.

Numoen Introduces A Vault For Uniswap LPs

Arbitrum-based leverage protocol Numoen introduced Nest, a new vault for earning trading fees on Uniswap with reduced exposure to impermanent loss. The vault works by hedging against impermanent loss with leveraged derivative tokens called Power Tokens. Uniswap LPs are exposed to negative gamma, which can lead to losses during high realized volatility if not hedged.

To counter volatility risk, Nest buys Power Tokens with positive gamma, creating a gamma-neutral strategy. Users must pay interest for the positive gamma exposure and earn a profit once they earn more yield from their Uniswap position than the interest owed on their Super Tokens. A launch date for the Nest vault was not specified.

Socket DataLayer Incentivized Testnet

Interoperability protocol Socket is launching an incentivized testnet called Surge for its DataLayer (DL). The first wave of incentives begins Monday, May 1st, with a program that rewards security experts that successfully report bugs. Socket is committing 150k USDC and a portion of 5% of its future protocol tokens to the program.

Future waves of the testnet will focus on node operators and end users. SocketDL is a generalized message-passing layer that enables cross-chain composability. The data layer allows smart contracts on an origin chain to read the state and perform arbitrary actions on smart contracts from other chains.

AltLayer Introduces Rollup As A Service

AltLayer, a Rollups-as-a-Service provider, integrated support for Arbitrum Orbit, a tech stack for launching L3 app chains on Arbitrum One and Nova. AltLayer offers a no-code solution for creating custom rollups through Orbit and plans to release additional features in Q2 2023. AltLayer allows users to launch disposable execution or flash layers, which can be deployed within minutes and disposed of when no longer needed.

EthStaker Staking Resource Website

The EthStaker community launched an open-source website serving as a hub for staking resources, documents, guides, and events. The website features an extensive knowledge base and glossary. EthStaker.cc is community-operated and anyone can submit resources by creating a pull request on GitHub.