Caldera Releases Vienna OP Stack Chain

Espresso Systems and Caldera co-deployed Vienna Network, an OP Stack chain integrated with the Espresso Sequencer.

Caldera Releases Vienna OP Stack Chain

Quick Take

  • Holesky testnet goes live.
  • Pyth Network 2.0 Whitepaper.
  • Espresso Systems co-launches Vienna.
  • VanEck prepares to launch an ETH ETF.

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EspressoSys And Caldera Launch Vienna
Espresso Systems and Caldera co-deployed Vienna Network, an OP Stack chain integrated with the Espresso Sequencer. The new rollup was deployed on Espresso’s Cortado testnet and is publicly available for all users on the testnet’s public homepage. The release also includes a bridge UI, a testnet faucet, and a block explorer. The Cortado testnet provides fast pre-confirmations and allows users to submit transactions for both OP Stack and Polygon zkEVM chains. Cortado also features a catchup mechanism. Espresso Systems also plans to integrate verifiable information dispersal and a peer-to-peer fallback network in a future release.

Holesky Testnet Goes Live

Ethereum core developers successfully launched the Holesky testnet, a proof-of-stake testnet set to replace Goerli. The testnet achieved finality after the initial 10 epochs. Holesky was deployed with an active validator set of 1.46 million validators and a testnet ETH supply of 1.6 billion at genesis. Holesky operates on chain ID 17000. Holesky allows anyone to join as a public validator. The initial infrastructure includes a faucet from QuickNode, alongside support on the Etherscan and block explorers, and an RPC from Developers can use the testnet for staking and protocol development tests. Ethereum testnets have a 5-year lifespan.

Pyth Network Releases 2.0 Whitepaper

The Pyth Data Association released the Pyth Network Whitepaper 2.0, a paper that outlines a new cross-chain model for price delivery. The paper introduces a “pull” oracle architecture, the Pythnet appchain for price aggregation, and describes how update fees, rewards,  and governance responsibilities will be managed. The whitepaper serves as a guide for transitioning Pyth Network's implementation and status into a permissionless stage. It aims to create a self-sustaining network, attract high-quality data publishers, and compensate them with consumer-generated fees. Pyth Network provides offchain price feed oracles with data input from participants such as exchanges and market makers.

VanEck Prepares For ETH ETF ($EFUT)

VanEck announced plans to launch the VanEck Ethereum Strategy ETF coined as EFUT. Rather than investing directly in ETH, EFUT will invest in cash-settled ETH futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. EFUT itself will be listed on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). The ETF is structured as a C-Corp targeting long-term investors. The price of ETH rallied above $1,650 amid the ETF news and successful Holesky launch.

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