Ethereum Foundation Discloses Vulnerabilities

Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Quick Take

  • EF publishes vulnerability disclosures.
  • Yearn develops a token dump tool built on CoW Swap.
  • Offchain Labs releases Arbitrum Nitro v2.0.14.
  • ENS celebrates its 6th anniversary.

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EF Public Vulnerability Disclosures

The Ethereum Foundation published an updated list of vulnerability disclosures received through its bug bounty program. The foundation’s bug bounty program covers all clients, the staking deposit contract, the execution layer, the consensus layer, and Solidity. The recent list includes 10 consensus layer and 18 execution layer vulnerabilities.

The most severe vulnerability was a bug that could allow malicious BlocksByRange messages containing an overly large 'count' value to crash lighthouse beacon nodes. The developer who reported the lighthouse-related issue received a $50,000 bounty. Other vulnerabilities include fork choice attacks that could cause long reorgs.

Credibly Neutral Early-Stage Venture

Coinbase Protocol Specialist Viktor Bunin and Aztec Network COO Lisa Cuesta Bunin launched a new early-stage venture called Credibly Neutral. The venture has raised $5.5 million from angel investors including Sandeep Nailwal and Joe Lubin. The venture will invest $50-250k in infrastructure and crypto SaaS projects.

Credibly Neutral aims to support projects that value sound economic policy, censorship resistance, decentralization, privacy, trust minimization, and immutability. Credibly Neutral revealed it has already made investments in six projects, including Hyperlane, Skip Protocol, Monad, Towns, and Blockaid. Viktor and Lisa will maintain their existing roles while also running the venture.

Yearn Launches Token Dump Tool

Yearn released, a tool for selling multiple tokens in a single transaction powered by CoW Swap. The tool allows users to select a token to receive, a receiving address, and the tokens to dump. Users then execute the dump in a single click. The tool was developed by Yearn and funded by the CoW Grants Program.

Users can also leverage account abstraction to execute dumps from different wallets or replace multiple approval and trade signatures. was created to be a gas-efficient solution for selling multiple tokens. The tool is now available on Ethereum mainnet.

Arbitrum Nitro v2.0.14 Release

Offchain Labs released Arbitrum Nitro v2.0.14, an update that supports offline pruning and an extension for raw transactions. Offline pruning reduces the amount of storage required for nodes, helping increase performance. Conditional raw transactions is an extension that allows bundlers to guarantee that no changes were made to the network that could cause a transaction to revert. Arbitrum Nitro v2.0.14 is a mandatory upgrade for node operators on both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova.

Last Chance For ENS $BOOK Redemption

Holders of ENS $BOOK tokens have until May 4th at midnight UTC to redeem their tokens for a limited edition physical copy of the ENS constitution. May 4th is also the deadline for purchasing an open-edition physical copy of the book, which contains a list of every domain that signed the ENS constitution. May 4th marks the 6-year anniversary of the ENS protocol and the 18th-month anniversary of the ENS DAO.