Ethereum KZG Ceremony Recap

Entropy collected from contributors will be used in a commitment scheme for EIP-4844 in the upcoming Dencun upgrade.

Ethereum KZG Ceremony Recap

Quick Take

  • Ethereum KZG Ceremony recap.
  • EIP-4844 activates on Base devnet.
  • OP Labs upgrade proposal.
  • Allnodes transitions from Geth to Besu.

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Superchain Highlights 🔴✨

OP Stack Ecotone Hardfork For EIP-4844 Support
Base engineer Roberto Bayardo announced that the Dencun upgrade has been successfully implemented on the Base Goerli and OP Mainnet Goerli devnets. The upgrade, known as the Ecotone hardfork within the OP Stack ecosystem, is set to automatically enable EIP-4844 blob transactions once the Dencun upgrade activates on Ethereum mainnet at the end of this quarter. The new blob transaction type further decrease data costs for users of rollups. The Ecotone hardfork is scheduled to be launched on Base and OP Mainnet pending governance apprroval.

OP Labs Superchain Upgrade Proposal
OP Labs also proposed a protocol upgrade to enhance the security incident response across all OP Chains. The upgrade introduces a new SuperchainConfig contract that adds a Superchain-wide pause function for withdrawals of ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. The Optimism Foundation multisig would hold the authority to enact or lift pauses on withdrawals on any participating OP Stack chain. The upgrade aims to serve as a unified response to security threats.

Ethereum KZG Ceremony Recap

The Ethereum Foundation summarized the outcomes of the KZG Ceremony, an initiative that gathered entropy from participants that will be used in a commitment scheme for EIP-4844 in the upcoming Dencun upgrade. The KZG ceremony started a year ago, on January 13, 2023, spanning a 208-day data collection period. A total of 141,416 contributions were collected from contributors who used verified GitHub or authenticated Ethereum addresses with a minimum nonce requirement. Over 75,000 users have collected their participation POAP NFT. The final transcript is available on GitHub for users to verify their individual contributions.

Allnodes Transitions To Besu

Ethereum staking infrastructure provider Allnodes has fully transitioned its execution layer client from Geth to Besu. The infrastructure provider manages 23,895 Ethereum validators and offers a non-custodial platform where users can host nodes. Allnodes supports full nodes, rocket pool nodes, and DVT nodes and hosts over 42,952 nodes in total across various protocols. Data from shows a 10% decrease in the market share of Geth as the supermajority execution client over the past few days.

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