Farcaster Introduces Frames

Frames turn static web content on a cast into an interactive experience on Farcaster.

Farcaster Introduces Frames

Quick Take

  • EAS releases a MetaMask Snap.
  • Solidity releases compiler v0.8.24.
  • Farcaster introduces Frames.
  • EspressoSys integrates Arbitrum stack.

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EAS Releases A MetaMask Snap

The Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) relased a new MetaMask Snap, designed to translate attestation data from its original hexadecimal format into a human-readable format that's easier to understand. The MetaMask Snap can be found and activated through the MetaMask Snap directory. The Snap parses data and allows users to read an attestation before signing it with their wallet. MetaMask Snaps are extensions that enhance the capabilities of the MetaMask browser wallet, allowing developers to create more flexible integrations. Ethereum Attestation Service is an open-source protocol for generating onchain and offchain attestations.

Solidity v0.8.24 Compiler Release

Solidity released v0.8.24 of its compiler in preparation for Ethereum’s Cancun network upgrade. The release features support for new opcodes and precompiles introduced by Cancun, such as transient storage, shard blob transactions, blobasefee, and MCOPY. Some changes from the upgrade will affect existing contracts. The release adds full Yul-level support and custom Solidity-level functions. It also includes a universal macOS binary compatible with ARM-based Macs. The compiler release can now run natively on the Apple Silicon architecture. The Cancun upgrade is currently anticipated to go live as soon as March 2024.

Farcaster Introduces Frames

Farcaster introduced Frames, an integration for turning static web content on a cast into an interactive experience. Developers can use Frames to create polls, live feeds, and responsive commands for their apps directly in a cast. The integrated experience allows users to interact with apps without leaving the Farcaster client. When a user clicks a button in the Frame, Farcaster generates a Frame Action signature using the user’s account key. The signature is then sent to the Frame’s server, which records the user action and renders the results as an image. The Frame server sends the resulting image back to the Farcaster client. Anyone can now create a custom Frame.

EspressoSys Integrates With Arbitrum Stack

EspressoSys integrated its Espresso Sequencer with the Arbitrum Nitro tech stack on its Gibraltar testnet. Developers can now deploy an instance of the Arbitrum stack with the Espresso Sequencer on testnet. Caldera will launch the first Arbitrum Nitro chain integrated with the Espersso Sequencer, coined as Milan. The Espresso Sequencer is a fast-finality layer for processing rollup transactions.

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