Farcaster Opens For All Users On OP Mainnet

The Warpcast iOS app allows users to register without a crypto wallet.

Farcaster Opens For All Users On OP Mainnet

Quick Take

  • Farcaster opens for all users.
  • EIP-6963 is now final.
  • Worldcoin updates its state bridge.
  • Raft deploys its governance token.

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Farcaster Opens For All Users
Farcaster, a web3 social platform, is now accessible to all users. An Ethereum wallet and a $7 annual fee, intended to deter spam across the network, are required to create an account. The Warpcast iOS Farcaster client allows users to register without a crypto wallet and accepts credit card payments via an in-app purchase. The app uses Passkeys and provides users with the option to access a BIP39 mnemonic and an Ethereum wallet for their permissionless account. Existing Farcaster accounts can enjoy free access to the network for the first year. Farcaster identity and storage contracts are hosted on OP Mainnet. Farcaster has over 15,000 registered accounts.

EIP-6963 Is Now Final

EIP-6963 is now final, establishing a standard for the discovery of multiple injected wallet providers and addressing existing conflicts with EIP-1193 wallets. Currently, wallet extensions load in an unpredictable sequence when multiple wallets are installed. The standard introduces a mechanism for discovering and interacting with EIP-1193 wallets. EIP-6963 employs a series of window events that facilitate bidirectional communication between Ethereum libraries and scripts injected by browser extensions, allowing users to select their preferred wallet. Over 16 wallet providers, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Zerion, and Rainbow, will support EIP-6963.

Worldcoin State Bridge Update

Worldcoin updated its state bridge architecture, achieving enhanced gas efficiency and enabling the creation of World ID bridges on any EVM-compatible chain. The system employs a method for transmitting messages between Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains. The modular design of the updated architecture allows anyone to create a state bridge. Audits for the updated architecture are underway by Least Authority and Nethermind. Currently, the protocol uses state bridges to allow the claiming of WLD token grants on Optimism Mainnet, while the WLD token is native to Ethereum Mainnet. The state bridge ensures the latest Merkle root is transmitted, enabling accurate proof validation.

Raft Announces Airdrop Wave 1

Stablecoin protocol Raft announced the initial wave of its $RAFT governance token airdrop. Raft allows users to mint its R stablecoin by creating a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) using ETH or LSTs as collateral. Users can earn up to 8% APY on R deposited into the protocol’s savings module. Users eligible for the airdrop include borrowers, liquidity providers, and R holders. 1.5% of RAFT’s token supply is allocated to the initial airdrop.

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