Frame L2 On Arbitrum Nitro Stack

Frame also committed a portion of its sequencing fees to the Arbitrum DAO.

Frame L2 On Arbitrum Nitro Stack

Quick Take

  • Frame to deploy L2 on the Arbitrum Nitro Stack.
  • Blockaid emerges from stealth.
  • Hardhat introduces Hardhat Ignition.
  • Devconnect issues a travel advisory.

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Frame L2 On Arbitrum Nitro Stack

Frame unveiled plans to deploy its NFT-focused chain as a rollup on the Arbitrum Nitro Stack. Frame will feature support for Arbitrum Stylus, allowing developers to build apps using WASM-compatible languages. It will also integrate Bounded Liquidity Delay (BoLD), an Arbitrum dispute protocol that enables permissionless fraud-proof validation. Frame also committed a portion of its sequencing fees to the Arbitrum DAO. Frame caters to NFT creators and collectors and incorporates features like royalties and NFT delegation at the protocol level. Users on the Frame rollup will benefit from low network fees, high throughput, and a sequencer-funded Creator Fund.

Blockaid Emerges From Stealth

Emerging from stealth, blockchain security firm Blockaid announced a $33 million funding round from Variant, Sequoia, and Greylock, among other backers. Blockaid specializes in wallet security, offering a system that scans and authenticates dapp transactions, shielding users from various scams, phishing sites, and malicious contracts. Blockaid has already monitored 450 million transactions and safeguarded $500 million in user assets on platforms like MetaMask, OpenSea, Rainbow, and Zerion. Blockaid aims to use the new funding to expand its workforce, enhance product capabilities, and extend its services to support more platforms in the web3 ecosystem.

Hardhat Introduces Hardhat Ignition

Hardhat introduced Hardhat Ignition, an extension to its development environment that simplifies smart contract deployment. Hardhat Ignition allows developers to define what they want to deploy and the operations they want to run while managing complexities and network errors. It removes the need for boilerplate code. It also supports recovery from interruptions, flexible execution strategies, and gas fee management. Hardhat is a task runner for Ethereum smart contracts, making it easier for developers to write, test, and debug smart contracts written in EVM-compatible languages. A future release will include support for Viem and ethers v6.

Devconnect Issues Travel Advisory

Devconnect, an Ethereum-focused conference taking place in Istanbul from November 13-19, 2023, issued a travel advisory for attendees. The advisory notes that while there's no direct threat to the Devconnect event, Israel released a notice warning Israelis in the country to leave Turkey immediately. Devconnect recommends that those in high-risk groups reconsider their travel plans.

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