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Franklin Templeton Ethereum ETF

The asset manager submitted an application with the SEC for a Spot ETH ETF

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  • Franklin Templeton spot ETH ETF.

  • Optimism activates Security Council.

  • Lit Protocol deploys to mainnet beta.

  • Aave V3 goes live on Scroll mainnet.

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Franklin Templeton Ethereum ETF

Global asset manager Franklin Templeton submitted an application with the SEC for a Spot ETH ETF, named the Franklin Ethereum ETF. The ETF aims to mirror the spot price of ETH, with primary holdings in ETH along with cash. The ETH would be custodied by Coinbase Custody and the cash by the Bank of New York Mellon. Franklin Templeton is among a growing group of asset managers seeking to launch a Spot ETH ETF. Its existing offering already includes a spot Bitcoin ETF. ETH's price has rallied to over $2,650, a price not seen since May 2022. There's anticipation that the SEC might greenlight an ETH ETF by the second quarter of 2024.

Optimism Launches Its Security Council

Optimism has officially implemented its Security Council with a 2/2 multi-sig, requireing approval from both the Optimism Foundation as the first signer and the Security Council as the second signer for any protocol upgrades to OP Mainnet. The activation advances Optimism toward becoming a stage 1 rollup as defined by Vitalik Buterin. The Security Council is tasked with managing the upgrade keys for OP Mainnet. The council is composed of 13 members, requiring a minimum of 4 members to sign a protocol upgrade for it to be executed. The Security Council is expected to extend its oversight to manage upgrades for all OP Stack chains within the Superchain.

Lit Launches Its V0 Mainnet Beta

Lit Protocol, a decentralized key management platform, launched its v0 release to mainnet beta. The release allows developers to deploy real-world asset applications, manage access to private data, and create embedded user wallets with recovery mechanisms. It also supports event-triggered signing and transaction automation. Built based on threshold cryptography and an encrypted virtualization architecture, Lit Protocol minimizes the risk of single points of failure and a serves as an alternative user key management solution to centralized custodians. Developers can use the most recent version of the Lit SDK to create and manage Private Key Packages (PKPs). Lit Protocol is preparing to release v1 later in the year.

Aave V3 Deploys On Scroll

Aave V3 is now live on Scroll Mainnet, making it the first ZK-EVM to be integrated on the lending protocol. Aave is the largest lending protocol with nearly $8 billion in TVL. With Aave V3 live on Scroll, users can acess faster and low-cost transactions, lowering the barrier to entry for DeFi. The integration was initiated through a governance proposal led by the Aave community. Scroll is an EVM-Equivalent ZK-Rollup. It was deployed to mainnet in October 2023 and holds over $30 million in TVL.

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