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Support ETH Daily on Gitcoin Grants 20!

Help ETH Daily continue with as little as $1.

Gm Frens,

Gitcoin Grants Round 20 is now live! Your support is crucial for the ongoing production of ETH Daily. Please consider donating as little as $1 to our Gitcoin grant on Arbitrum.

Please update your Gitcoin Passport to reach a score above 20. This ensures your donation is eligible for matching.

What is Gitcoin?

Gitcoin is an onchain grants protocol for funding public goods. It uses Quadratic Funding (QF), a mechanism that takes into account the value and number of donations when matching contributions.

Ecosystem protocols like ENS donate funds to a matching pool, which is used to match user donations based on QF.

Earn ARB When You Participate

Thank Arbitrum is rewarding users who host X Spaces, write threads, and promote this grant round. Registration is required.

Thanks for your support 🫡

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