Gitcoin Passport Onchain Stamps On OP Mainnet

Users can now migrate their passport onchain to OP Mainnet by visiting

Gitcoin Passport Onchain Stamps On OP Mainnet

Quick Take

  • Offchain Labs releases Arbitrum Stylus.
  • Prisma Finance goes live on Ethereum mainnet.
  • Gitcoin Passport introduces onchain stamps.
  • PoolTogether V5 is now live in private beta.

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Superchain Highlights 🔴✨

Gitcoin Passport Introduces Onchain Stamps
Identity verification platform Gitcoin Passport introduced onchain stamps on OP Mainnet. An onchain stamp is a verifiable credential stored onchain. The solution uses  Ethereum Attestation Service (EAS) for its onchain data structure. EAS is an open-source tool for onchain and offchain attestations that is available for OP Stack chains. Credentials can be assigned by various identity providers. The system aggregates stamps and assigns weights based on their cost of forgery. Stamps were previously stored offchain and required developers to query the Gitcoin Passport API to read the Unique Humanity Scores. Users can now migrate their passport onchain to OP Mainnet by visiting

PoolTogether V5 Beta Release
Prize savings protocol PoolTogether released the fifth iteration of its protocol to private beta. The new iteration introduces immutability, permissionless vaults, and automatic yield-to-prize conversion. The private beta features boosted USDC and wETH vaults on OP Mainnet that generate a yield from Aave V3. Users with a pooly, pfer, GitPOAP, or PoolyCon POAP NFT can access the beta release. The V5 release is expected to launch for all users on October 2nd. PoolTogether also introduced, a series of open-source and user-friendly interfaces for interacting with the new protocol.

Other OP News

Offchain Labs Releases Stylus

Offchain Labs released Stylus, a general-purpose programming environment that supports WASM smart contracts. Developers can now build applications on Arbitrum Nitro chains using WASM-compatible languages, including Rust, C, and C++. The launch includes the release of the code, a public testnet, and an SDK. According to the project, Stylus significantly lowers gas costs. Developers can build resource-intensive blockchain use cases, including alternative signature schemes, larger generative art libraries, and C++-based gaming. Offchain Labs will host a Stylus Hackathon at ETHGlobal in NY on September 22nd and will offer $20,000 in bounties.

Prisma Finance Goes Live

Prisma Finance, an LST-backed stablecoin protocol, is now deployed on Ethereum Mainnet. Starting on September 1st at 9 am UTC, users will be able to mint the mkUSD stablecoin using wstETH, cbETH, rETH, or sfrxETH as collateral. Debt caps will also be enforced for each collateral during the initial launch. Prisma will also release its PRISMA token, which can be locked for vePRISMA, enabling governance voting power. LST issuers can channel incentives towards their own assets using vePRISMA. In a bid to bootstrap TVL, Prisma is introducing a 0% initial interest rate. Prisma is built on the codebase of Liquity Protocol.

Ether.Fan NFT Auction Goes Live

The staked-ETH-backed NFT collection from introduced NFT auctions. The auctions enable users of to participate in bidding for rewards utilizing their accumulated loyalty points. The rewards include a Dappnode staking device and a range of USDC prizes. Ether staked via the platform is directed towards the Operation Solo Staker (OSS) initiative, which furnishes hardware to solo stakers in various global locations. The program is not available to residents of the United States. Disclosure: This news tip was provided to us.