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GoDaddy DNSSEC Interface For ENS

The integration simplifies the process for GoDaddy users to link their DNS to ENS.

Quick Take

  • ENS partners with GoDaddy.

  • EigenLayer opens restaking window.

  • Treasure Chain litepaper.

  • Paths to increasing the block gas limit.

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GoDaddy DNSSEC Interface For ENS

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) partnered with GoDaddy to add a user-friendly interface for linking any TLD on the DNS domain registrar to an Ethereum address. The partnership streamlines the process for users with less technical expertise, enabling them to onboard to ENS using their existing DNS domain. The integration uses gasless DNSSEC in the background to import DNS domains into ENS. Without the dedicated UI, users need to manually add a TXT record that contains both the ENS resolver address and their Ethereum wallet. The integration simplifies the process for GoDaddy users to use their DNS for their digital identity on Ethereum.

EigenLayer Opens Restaking Window

The restaking window for LST deposits on EigenLayer is now open through February 9th at 12PM PT. The window also introductes support for Fax's sfrxETH, Mantle's mETH, and the Liquid Collective's LsETH, with no LST deposit caps. There is a 33% cap on restaking points enforced for each LST category. Lido's stETH has already reached its points cap with close to 500,000 stETH in deposits. EigenLayer is among the top 10 largest protocols on Ethereum in terms of TVL, with over $3 billion in LST and native restaking deposits. EigenLayer plans to lift TVL caps and permanently unpause restaking in the coming months.

Treasure Chain Litepaper

TreasureDAO, the leading gaming platform on Arbitrum, published a litepaper outlining Treasure Chain, a rollup chain designed for the Treasure gaming ecosystem. The paper presents a vision and a technical framework for a multi-chain future that encompasses a network of Infinity Chains that settle on the Treasure L2 chain. Treasure aims to operate as a decentralized gaming console, leveraging a rollup-agnostic cross-chain architecture. MAGIC, Treasure's native token, will be used for fee payments and underpinning economic security. A Treasure Chain testnet launch is anticipated by the end of Q1, followed by a targeted mainnet launch in Q3 2024.

Increasing The Block Gas Limit

Toni Wahrstätter, an Ethereum Researcher, together with Vitalik Buterin, published an article that explores strategies for increasing the block gas limit. Increasing the block gas limit permits each block to carry more data, thus improving transaction throughput. The article further proposes to raise the cost of nonzero calldata bytes as a means to incentivize the use of blobs for data availability.

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