KZG Ceremony Ends On July 23rd

The requirements to contribute have also been reduced.

KZG Ceremony Ends On July 23rd

Quick Take

  • KZG ceremony to end on July 23.
  • DappNode prepares to launch Ethical Monitor.
  • StarkWare to release Cairo Compiler V2.
  • Lido approves a proposal to stake 20k ether.

KZG Ceremony Ends July 23rd

An end date has been set for the KZG ceremony, a process that collects entropy from contributors to be used in a commitment scheme for EIP-4844. Users now have until July 23rd to submit their contributions. The requirements to contribute have also been reduced, including a lowered nonce requirement to 8 transactions.

The KZG Ceremony has been live since January 13th and has received over 111,000 contributions. Developers are wrapping up the ceremony in preparation for the Dencun upgrade, which is slated to go live later this year. Last week, developers deployed a seventh devnet for testing the implementation of EIP-4844.

DappNode Prepares To Launch Ethical Monitor

DappNode, a node software and hardware provider, is preparing to launch a service that provides node operators with updates about their DappNode. Coined as Ethical Monitor, the new service will allow users to receive an email notification when their DappNode is offline. Currently, DappNode is incapable of sending alerts.

Ethical Monitor will use a Tor hidden service to transmit metrics without revealing identifying information, helping protect users’ privacy. Ethical Monitor emphasizes privacy-by-design principles and aims to avoid undesired data capture for monetization purposes. DappNode also plans to enable additional alert options in the future.

StarkNet Cairo Compiler V2

StarkWare is releasing a second iteration of its Cairo Compiler. The new version introduces new syntax, a contract interface, an improved structure for contract events, and changes to storage handling. The updates aim to improve the developer experience by making the code more explicit and safer to write.

The Cairo Compiler v2.0 builds upon the existing Cairo 1.0 language and is designed to make code look more similar to Rust. The new syntax will also be released in two phases focused on safety enhancements and extensibility. StarkWare plans to launch the new version of its compiler on testnet this week and on mainnet next week.

Lido Approves Vote To Stake 20,000 ETH

Lido governance approved a proposal to stake over 20,000 ether from its treasury. 100% of voters voted in favor of the proposal, which seeks to generate over $2 million in yield from the staking deposit. If stETH is available at a discount, Lido plans to convert its treasury ether into stETH by purchasing stETH in the market. Lido’s treasury currently holds over $300 million worth of assets.

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