Lattice Releases OP Craft Voxel Game

The game runs on a custom OP rollup chain powered by Bedrock.

Lattice Releases OP Craft Voxel Game

Quick Take

  • Blur launches a zero-fee NFT marketplace.
  • Lattice releases OP Craft, a voxel game.
  • Binance delegates 13 million $UNI tokens.
  • Slingshot Wallet released to private beta.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Lattice Releases OP Craft Voxel Game
Creative gaming studio Lattice released OPCraft, an entirely on-chain crafting-based voxel game on Optimism. The game runs on a custom OP rollup chain powered by Bedrock, which is Optimism's next-generation execution engine. Lattice used the OP Stack, a set of open-source and modular components, to build a customized OP chain. Every element in the game involves an on-chain transaction on a Bedrock-powered testnet. The customized bedrock architecture enables higher throughput and faster finality for in-game transactions. OPCraft is currently available for anyone to play through October 31st, after which in-game creations will be frozen.

Blur Launches Zero-Fee NFT Marketplace launched its zero-fee NFT marketplace designed for pro traders. The marketplace includes support for bulk purchases, cross-marketplace listings, rarity stats, and a portfolio manager. Blur charges zero-trading fees and sets the highest collection royalty by default. Traders can also customize collection royalties on each listing. Blur also announced an airdrop for certain users who traded NFTs over the last six months. Eligible users can currently claim care packages of varying rarities which will be redeemable for $BLUR governance tokens in January. Users are required to list an NFT on Blur within the next 13 days to claim their packages.

The marketplace is also doing a second airdrop, which it claims will be bigger than the first, for users who actively list NFTs on the marketplace. Blur says it will allocate a larger airdrop toward users who include royalties in their listings. Blur raised more than $11 million earlier this year in a seed round led by Paradigm.

Binance Delegates 13 Million UNI Tokens

Binance, the world’s largest centralized crypto exchange, has delegated 13 million UNI tokens in its custody. The move makes Binance the second largest UNI delegate with nearly 5.9% of the current delegated voting power. a16z is currently the largest UNI delegate. Binance is yet to participate in a Uniswap governance proposal. Uniswap creator Hayden Adams notes that the delegation is a unique situation as the delegated tokens belong to Binance customers. Binance has since responded claiming that the UNI tokens became automatically delegated during a transfer between Binance wallets, adding that delegating was not their intention.

MetaMask SDK Public Beta Launch

MetaMask announced the public beta release of its SDK, a library that allows developers to easily integrate MetaMask Wallet connection on their dapps. The SDK includes native support for both mobile and browser-based MetaMask wallets. The integration automatically guides users to connect with a MetaMask wallet client. The SDK is compatible with MetaMask mobile version 5.8.1.

Slingshot Mobile App Beta Release

Slingshot, a multi-chain DEX, announced the private beta release of Slingshot Wallet to 1k initial beta testers on its waitlist. The application is currently only available on iOS TestFlight with support for Android coming at a later date. The first 1k users on Slingshot’s waitlist received an email with an access code for the app. Slingshot Wallet features initial 0% swap fees, price charts, custom price alerts, and a portfolio tracker.