LayerZero Scan Omnichain Block Explorer

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Quick Take

  • LayerZero releases an omnichain block explorer.
  • Notional Finance to launch leveraged vaults in October.
  • deBridge releases a Hardhat plugin.
  • GameStop will begin selling FTX gift cards.

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LayerZero Scan Blockchain Explorer

Cross-chain messaging protocol LayerZero Labs released an omnichain blockchain explorer called LayerZero Scan. The explorer groups together two transactions across chains and shows users the status, hash, block, and errors in a single interface. Without LayerZero Scan, users would need to search transactions across block explorers.

There is also a scan client API available for developers, The release comes as LayerZero upgraded its library ULNv2, which allows the protocol to support non-EVM chains such as Aptos, Sui, and Solana. LayerZero Labs allows dapps to tap into cross-chain bridging and liquidity. It’s currently being used to power dapps like SushiXSwap.

Notional Finance Announces Leveraged Vaults

Notional Finance is launching leveraged vaults, a set of whitelisted smart contracts with various yield strategies that offer up to 20x leverage. Users can use borrowed fixed-rate assets from Notional and deposit them into leveraged vaults. Leverage is possible because assets held in the vaults act as further collateral for a user’s debt.

Assets held in the whitelisted smart contracts can be liquidated in the event that a position reaches liquidation. There will be three initial vault strategies, including a Balancer stablecoin LP strategy, a Balancer wstETH/ETH LP strategy, and a Notional stablecoin spread strategy. Notional plans to launch leveraged vaults in October.

deBridge Releases Hardhat Plugin

deBridge, a cross-chain interoperability protocol, released Hardhat Plugin. The plugin is a toolkit for creating a lightweight and speedy emulation environment on the hardhat network. The implementation mirrors deBridge mainnet infrastructure to help developers test dapps built on top of the protocol.

The testing environment can be used to validate cross-chain interactions. Developers can create automated unit tests, functional tests, and deploy smart contracts. The plugin uses a loopback bridge in which messages are committed on, broadcasted, and executed in the same local chain. deBridge has built API and SDK developer tools.

GMX Uses Forta Monitoring Protocol

GMX, a perpetual DEX on Arbitrum, is now using Forta to monitor the security and health of the protocol. Forta allows users to create customized detection bots for on-chain activity. Users can then sign up to receive real-time alerts based on smart contract events and conditions. GMX worked with Nethermind to design and deploy four detection bots, which track unusual PnL, profitable swaps, rapid positions, and large positions.

GameStop To Offer FTX Gift Cards

GameStop has partnered with FTX as the exchange’s preferred retail partner in the United States. GameStop will participate in marketing initiatives that introduce gamers to FTX’s digital asset marketplace. GameStop will also carry FTX gift cards at select retail stores. The financial terms of the partnership were not disclosed. GameStop previously launched its own NFT marketplace back in July.