Manta Pacific OP Stack L2 Solution

Linea is an EVM-equivalent ZK-rollup by ConsenSys.

Manta Pacific OP Stack L2 Solution

Quick Take

  • Linea announces its miannet alpha release.
  • CoW Swap releases CoW Hooks.
  • Manta Pacific introduces an OP Stack L2 solution.
  • Alluvial raises a $12 million Series A.

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Linea Miannet Alpha Release

Linea, an EVM-equivalent ZK-rollup by ConsenSys, deployed its mainnet alpha release. The release is initially available for launch partners, but ConsenSys plans to open the network for all users during EthCC on July 18th. The alpha release comes after the conclusion of a 9-week odyssey campaign called Linea Voyage.

ConsenSys will launch the first NFT collection on alpha mainnet for all Voyage participants. Linea’s goerli testnet has processed over 47 million transactions from 5.5 million unique addresses. ConsenSys also launched the Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance (EIA), an investment syndicate to fund and support builders.

Linea’s zkEVM features integrations with ConsenSys-built infrastructure. Linea is also the first L2 network to deploy a trustless L2 resolver for ENS domains A L2 resolver is a contract on Layer 1 that verifies and retrieves data from Layer 2, facilitating communication and interoperability between L1 and L2.

CoW Hooks Custom-Coded DeFi Actions

CoW Swap introduced CoW Hooks, a new feature for creating custom-coded DeFi actions that execute directly before or after a CoW Swap trade. CoW Hooks allow advanced users to chain together various actions, such as trading, bridging, and staking, into a single transaction. Gas fees are paid only upon successful execution.

Pre-hooks are actions that execute before a swap, such as wallet signatures and token approvals. Post-hooks are actions that execute after the completion of a swap, such as bridging and transferring tokens. CoW Hooks build upon intents, which are signed constraints that allow users to outsource their desired actions to solvers.

Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

Manta Pacific OP Stack L2 Solution
Manta Network introduced Manta Pacific, a modular L2 solution built on the OP Stack and designed for ZK applications. Manta Pacific leverages Manta Network's universal circuits and ZK interface, Celestia's data availability layer for security and low gas fees, and Caldera's modified OP Stack for scalability.

Manta Pacific offers native composability, easy integration into web2 applications, and is EVM-native, allowing developers to build ZK applications using Solidity. OP Stack Mods are community-created modifications. The OP Stack is a development stack for building custom L2 blockchains as part of Optimism’s Superchain.

Alluvial Raises $12 Million Series A

Alluvial, an enterprise liquid staking project, raised a $12 million Series A co-led by Ethereal Ventures and Variant Fund. The fresh capital will be used for new hires and to further develop and accelerate the adoption of its enterprise-grade liquid staking solution. Alluvial is behind an enterprise consortium known as the Liquid Collective.

The Liquid Collective protocol features its own liquid staking token called LsETH. The Liquid Collective aims to increase adoption among institutions by abstracting technical barriers to staking. Alluvial has also built an enterprise API that simplifies the adoption of liquid staking for digital asset exchanges and custodians.

Taiko Launches Taiko Quest Galxe Campaign

Taiko, an EVM-equivalent ZK-Rollup, launched a Taiko Quest Galxe campaign. The campaign aims to help users to deepen their knowledge about Taiko, which is working towards building the first Type-1 ZK-EVM. Last month, Taiko launched its third alpha zkEVM testnet and plans to launch to mainnet early next year.