Arbitrum Orbit Expansion Program

Users can deposit ETH in increments of 32 to spin up a full Ethereum validator node that is operated and maintained by MetaMask.

Arbitrum Orbit Expansion Program

Quick Take

  • Arbitrum Orbit Expansion Program.
  • MetaMask integrates validator staking.
  • EIP-3074 batch transactions for EOAs.
  • Devcon Improvement Proposals (DIPs).

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Arbitrum Orbit Expansion Program

Offchain Labs introduced the Arbitrum Orbit Expansion Program, an extension to its software license that allows developers to create custom Arbitrum Orbit chains on any L2 that derives its security from Ethereum. The license was previously open-source but limited to deploying L2 and L3 chains on Arbitrum One and Nova. The expansion includes two key conditions: firstly, developers must contribute a portion of their profits to the Arbitrum ecosystem, and secondly, they must deploy on a chain that settles transactions on Ethereum. The revenue generated from the initiative will fund a newly established Arbitrum Developer Guild. Orbit chains are also exempt from adhering to shared governance.

MetaMask Introduces Validator Staking

MetaMask introduced non-custodial validator staking into its portfolio dapp, allowing users to deposit ETH in increments of 32 to spin up a full Ethereum validator node that is operated and maintained by MetaMask. A 10% fee on the earnings from validator activities is taken by MetaMask for the service. After accounting for the fee, the current APY stands at 4%. The process is facilitated through Consensys Staking infrastructure. Users can withdraw their staked ETH and accrued rewards at any time, subject to the withdrawal queue, which is currently about 9 days long. Alongside this new staking option, the MetaMask portfolio app already offers pooled staking options through integrations with Lido's stETH and Rocket Pool's rETH LSTs.

EIP-3074 Batch Transactions for EOA

Security auditor 0xfoobar presented EIP-3074 during this week’s ACD execution layer call. EIP-3074 proposes the addition of AUTH and AUTHCALL opcodes, enabling Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) to delegate their control to a smart contract. The change would grant new capabilities for EOAs, particularly the ability to execute batch transactions. EIP-3074 is designed to enhance both security and user experience by tackling outdated token approvals. Stale approvals, where a user maintains an open token approval with a smart contract, are a common cause of asset loss during exploits, such as the recent Socket exploit. With EIP-3074, approve and swap transactions could be batched. Core developers are considering on including the proposal in the upcoming Prague upgrade.

Devcon Improvement Proposals

Devcon introduced Devcon Improvement Proposals (DIPs), a proposal system allowing anyone to influence experiences that will take place at Devcon VII. The DIPs will be considered for implementation by the Devcon team and displayed on the website. Also called Devcon Southeast Asia, the event is an Ethereum-focused developer conference that will take place from November 12-15, 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.

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