MetaMask Snaps Open Beta Release

Snaps allow developers to build expanded functionality for their dapps

MetaMask Snaps Open Beta Release

Quick Take

  • MetaMask releases Snaps to open beta.
  • Go Ethereum releases Geth v1.13.0.
  • Hashdex files for an Ethereum ETF.
  • Lodestar solo staker incentive results.

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MetaMask Snaps Open Beta Release

MetaMask Snaps are now available in an open beta release for all users. MetaMask Snaps provide expanded functionality for dapps. Developers can build snaps for their dapps and users can enable them in their MetaMask extension v11.0 or later. Snaps can provide access to non-EVM chains and custom notifications. Over 30 Snaps have been audited and approved for listing in the MetaMask Snaps Directory. Users can try out Snaps in three categories, including transaction insights, interoperability, and notifications. Starknet, Wallet Guard, Push Protocol, and XMTP are among the projects that have released custom MetaMask Snaps. Developers are encouraged to build their own snaps.

Geth v1.13.0 Release

Go Ethereum released Geth v1.13.0, an update to its execution client that introduces a new database model that supports full pruning of historical states. With the new model, users will no longer need to take their nodes offline to resync or manually prune data. The database model is optional and can be enabled with a specific command. The old database model remains available, but path-based storage will become the default. The release also supports the Holesky testnet, unpacks Solidity panic events, raises RPC call batch limits, and addresses various bugs. While production-ready, high-risk nodes are advised to wait for battle-testing before making the update.

Hashdex Files For An Ethereum ETF

Crypto asset manager Hashdex filed an application for an Ethereum Spot ETF. The company joins Vaneck, Ark Invest, and 21 Shares in pursuing an Ethereum ETF. Coined as the “Hashdex Nasdaq Ethereum ETF,” the proposal seeks to provide investors with access to Ethereum without having to hold the asset directly. To reduce dependence on the highly volatile spot market, the fund plans to hold a combination of cash, Spot ETH, and ETH Futures Contracts on the CME Market. The SEC has up to 240 days to approve or deny an ETF application. Hashdex already offers a Bitcoin Futures ETF.

Lodestar Incentive Program Results

Lodestar published the results of its solo staker incentive program. A total of 86 solo stakers who entered the word “Lodestar” in their validator graffiti flag were selected as winners. Following a two-week dispute period, Chainsafe will distribute a combined prize pool of $25,000 among the confirmed winners. Additionally, winners can claim a POAP representing their involvement in the program.