Nethermind Supports OP Stack Chains

Node operators on OP and Base mainnet can now use Nethermind as an execution layer client.

Nethermind Supports OP Stack Chains

Quick Take

  • Bebop releases its JAM API.
  • EigenDA announces a partner program.
  • Mantle launches its mETH LST.
  • Nethermind supports OP Stack chains.

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Bebop Releases JAM Auction System

Bebop, an RFQ-based DEX, released JAM, a just-in-time aggregation model that uses an intent-based auction system to secure optimal trade execution from multiple liquidity sources. Users sign their trade parameters which are sent to solvers who compete for execution. The mechanism also takes into account network fees. The JAM auction system aims to minimize slippage and deliver guaranteed pricing. Bebop allows users to swap multiple tokens at a time. Smoldapp, a registry of small dedicated dapps, introduced a token dump tool powered by JAM. Coined as, the tool allows users to sell multiple tokens in a single transaction. The tool is currently live on Ethereum mainnet and Polygon.

EigenDA Launch Partner Program

EigenDA, EigenLayer's first AVS, introduced its launch partner program participants. The initial members include AltLayer, Caldera, Celo, Layer N, Mantle, Movement, Polymer Labs, and Versatus. The rollup infrastructure providers will integrate EigenDA as a data availability option for users on their platforms. Powered by EigenLayer restaking, EigenDA provides a data availability solution that offers rollups access to low-cost transactions and a high-performance network. Currently, EigenDA is live on testnet as part of EigenLayer's stage 2 launch phase. The service is expected to launch to mainnet in the first half of 2024.

Mantle Introduces mETH LST

Mantle Network, an Ethereum-based optimistic rollup, launched its liquid staking protocol, named Mantle LSP. The protocol allows users to deposit ETH and receive mETH, a value-accruing liquid staking token. Mantle LSP is governed by Mantle's MNT governance token and is integrated with the Mantle ecosystem. mETH incurs a commission fee of 10%. ETH deposited into the Mantle LSP is currently managed and staked by four node operators, which are Blockdaemon, P2P, A41, and StakeFish. The total value locked (TVL) in the Mantle rollup is currently over $100 million.

Nethermind Supports OP Stack Chains

Nethermind released v1.23.0, an upgrade that introduces support for OP Stack chains. Node operators on OP and Base mainnet can now use Nethermind as an execution client. The release includes the integration of the Optimism plugin, the ability to initialize databases from snapshots, and updates for the Cancun upgrade. Nethermind joins OP-Reth and OP-Erigon as available execution clients for OP Stack chains.

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