OKX Deploys L2 Built On Polygon CDK

OKB, OKX's platform token, will be used as the native gas token for X1 Network.

OKX Deploys L2 Built On Polygon CDK

Quick Take

  • OKX launches an L2 built on Polygon CDK.
  • Uniswap Wallet goes live on Android.
  • Vitalik explores the return of Plasma.
  • Opimism’s Canyon Hardfork goes live on testnet.

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OKX Deploys L2 Built On Polygon CDK

OKX, a global-leading centralized exchange, has launched the X1 Network, a new ZK-powered L2 built using Polygon CDK. OKB, which is OKX's platform token, will be used as the native gas token for X1 Network. The network offers a scalable and cost-efficient L2 for users and allows any developer to build applications on the rollup. OKX is also joining as a core contributor to Polygon CDK. The exchange aims to connect its user base of 50 million with the Ethereum ecosystem. OKX also plans to integrate bridging functionalities to the X1 Network in its self-custodial wallet. OKX has over $25 billion in user assets. X1 Network is currently live on testnet.

Uniswap Wallet Goes Live On Android

Uniswap Wallet is now available on Android for all users. Users who participated in the app’s beta release last month can update the app to release version 1.16. Uniswap Wallet supports swaps on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and BNBChain. The wallet automatically switches between networks. Users can also view NFTs, connect to Web3 apps, and follow other wallets. It also includes MEV Blocker, an RPC that reroutes transactions through a private mempool, safeguarding users from MEV attacks. The iOS version of Uniswap Wallet was released in April.

Vitalik On The Return Of Plasma

In a new blog post, Vitalik Buterin explored the potential return of Plasma as a viable blockchain scaling solution, noting advancements in zero-knowledge proofs. Initially conceptualized in 2017, Plasma enhances scalability by offloading most data and computations offchain, while retaining deposits, withdrawals, and Merkle roots onchain. Plasma's development previously hit a roadblock due to high client-side data storage costs and its limited applicability beyond payment transactions. Vitalik notes that the emergence of zkSNARKs reopens possibilities for Plasma as a scaling solution, especially in handling client-side data storage.

Canyon Hardfork Goes Live

Optimism’s Canyon Hardfork is now live on OP, Base, PGN, and Zora testnets. The upgrade brings support for Shanghai and Capella EIPs, bug fixes, and OP-Stack-specific changes. It also reduces the rate of change to base fees and changes how the network handles closed channels. The upgrade is set to undergo a governance vote before it is deployed on mainnet.

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