OP Erigon Optimism Alternate Execution Client

OP Erigon is an alternate execution client to op-geth and brings client diversity to the OP Stack.

OP Erigon Optimism Alternate Execution Client

Quick Take

  • Flashbots releases a beta version of MEV-Share.
  • Optimism introduces the OP Erigon execution client.
  • Tornado Cash developer allowed to await trial from home.
  • Alchemix releases a self-repaying ENS tool.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

OP Erigon Optimism Alternate Execution Client
Test in Prod, an independent group of contributors to the Optimism Collective, released OP Erigon, a fork of the L1 Erigon execution client. OP Erigon is an alternate execution client to op-geth and brings client diversity to the OP Stack. The initial release is available on the Optimistic Goerli testnet. Yesterday, a16z crypto introduced an alternate consensus client for Optimism called Magi. Optimism’s Bedrock upgrade will enable multi-client support on OP mainnet and all other OP chains. Client diversity on Optimism enables fault-proof diversity, allowing OP mainnet to remain resilient against any client bugs. Users can test out OP Erigon on goerli by running a client, using Test in Prod’s RPC, and browsing the Optimistic Otterscan Explorer.

MEV-Share Beta Released On Mainnet

Flashbots released a beta version of MEV-Share, a protocol that matches users and searchers to pay back users a portion of MEV generated from their transactions. Flashbots Matchmaker is a service that implements MEV-Share. The matchmaker attempts to match searcher bundles with private user transactions and sends any matched bundles to builders for execution. Searchers can subscribe to the Flashbots Matchmaker to search private orderflows and Builders can register to receive orderflow. Users can access MEV-Share through the Flashbots Protect RPC. Flashbots is also testing ways to share orderflow with other block builders. Users can opt-in to share their transactions with builders who comply with a set of Fair Market Principles.

Alexey Pertsev Allowed To Await Trial At Home

Alexey Pertsev, a developer who helped write open-source code for Tornado Cash, will be free to go home next week. According to Eléonore Blanc, a crypto educator following the case, Pertsev is allowed to await his trial at home, where he can work on his defense. Pertsev will be under electronic monitoring through an ankle monitor. Pertsev has been detained by Dutch authorities since OFAC-sanctioned Tornado Cash in early August. He was initially arrested under allegations of facilitating money laundering but has not been charged with any crime. Over 5,000 individuals have signed a petition for Pertsev’s release. Tornado Cash is a privacy tool that allows users to obscure the origin of funds.

Maple Finance Cash Management Pool

Maple Finance launched a cash management pool that provides access to U.S. Treasury bill yields. Non-US DAOs and off-shore companies can earn yield from the 1-month US Treasury bill rate on their idle deposits. According to Maple, the new pool meets the liquidity, risk, and accounting requirements of cash management. Cash management pool assets are held in a standalone single-purpose vehicle and are custodied by a broker. Maple Finance is a credit market protocol that allows institutional borrowers to take on undercollateralized loans.

Alchemix Introduces Self-Repaying ENS

Alchemix introduced Self-Repaying ENS, a tool that automatically renews an ENS domain with funds from a self-repaying loan on the protocol. The tool uses keepers from smart contract automation platform Gelato Network to renew domains before they expire. Users must have an open alETH position with enough borrowable funds to pay their renewal fees. Alchemix is a self-repaying lending protocol that allows users to pay off loans from yield earned on their collateral.