OP Labs Keys In Mordor Summit Recap

OP Labs published three presentations, covering Withdrawal Claims, Cannon, and Dispute Games.

OP Labs Keys In Mordor Summit Recap

Quick Take

  • Flashbots introduces Simple-Blind-Arbitrage.
  • Uniswap Foundation releases a new governance portal.
  • Linea launches an Odyssey campaign.
  • Coinbase launches an international exchange.
  • Safe kicks off a non-technical account abstraction hackathon.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

OP Labs Keys In Mordor Summit Recap
OP Labs published presentations from its Keys in Mordor summit, an in-person gathering focused on technical decentralization. OP Labs published three presentations, covering Withdrawal Claims, Cannon, and Dispute Games. Withdrawal Claims allow users to post a bond and submit a claim to L1 requesting a withdrawal. Withdrawal Claims are approved if no disputes arise during a fraud-proof window. Cannon is Optimism’s EVM-equivalent fault proof implementation consisting of the fault-proof program, the fault-proof VM, and the dispute game. Dispute Games are dispute resolution mechanisms for finding truth among conflicting claims. The dispute games narrow down the block hash and the instruction within the state transition where a fault arises and secure a resolution to help maintain the security and liveness of the network.

Flashbots Introduces Simple-Blind-Arbitrage

Flashbots introduced Simple-Blind-Arbitrage, a script for atomically backrunning Uniswap v2 transactions from MEV-Share Matchmakers. MEV-Share allows users to selectively share transaction information and pays users back a portion of MEV from their transactions. Flashbots matchmaker matches searchers with users. Simple-Blind-Arbitrage only requires MEV-Share users to share the Uniswap pool they are trading in. The script listens to the Flashbots Matchmaker, calculates the optimal arbitrage between two Uniswap v2 pools, and submits attempted arbitrages. Flashbots encourages contributors to integrate additional token pairs and DEXes into the tool.

Uniswap Foundation Delegate Race

The Uniswap Foundation launched Uniswap Agora, a new governance portal optimized for delegates and delegations. The portal allows users to browse delegates by values, stakeholders, and voting power. Delegates can create detailed profiles that are showcased on the home page. The portal also displays live votes and quick links. The Uniswap Foundation is also hosting a Delegate Race, a two-phase event that allows delegates to create profiles and token holders to re-delegate their UNI tokens. Delegate profiles must be submitted by May 12th, followed by a UNI delegation period from May 13th to the 26th. Major UNI holders, including a16z crypto, have allocated over 8 million tokens to the delegate race.

Linea Launches Voyage Odyssey Campaign

Linea, an EVM-equivalent ZK-rollup by ConsenSys, launched a 9-week odyssey campaign called Linea Voyage. Users who complete weekly tasks on the Linea testnet can claim Galxe points. Top participants will be able to mint a Linea NFT at the end of the campaign. Linea aims to stress its testnet during the Odyssey. The first week requires users to bridge from Goerli to Linea Goerli using Celer, Connext, Hop, LiFi, and Multichain. The Linea Goerli testnet is available natively on MetaMask. The following weeks will feature quizzes and will focus on NFTs, DeFi, and security. Linea plans to launch its zkEVM to mainnet in the coming months.

Safe AA Anything Goes Hackathon

Safe, the largest smart contract wallet provider, launched the “Safe AA Anything Goes” hackathon. The virtual event is a non-technical hackathon focused on product and marketing ideas for onboarding the next billion users. Submissions can include memes, how-to guides, videos, and presentations. The hackathon features $6,500 in prizes and is live until May 31st.