OP Rewards Now Live On Yearn

Yearn boosted yield vaults on Optimism are eligible for a share of 25,000 weekly OP tokens.

OP Rewards Now Live On Yearn

Quick Take

  • Beaconcha.in agrees to maintain 4byte.directory.
  • CoW Swap Surplus Capturing AMM feasibility study.
  • EIP-6963 moves into a review phase.
  • Coinbase launches a BASE developer learning program.

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Optimism Highlights 🔴✨

OP Rewards Now Live On Yearn
OP token rewards are now live on Yearn Finance. Users with assets in Yearn’s boosted yield vaults on Optimism are eligible for a share of 25,000 weekly OP tokens. The weekly OP incentives will be live over the next 40 weeks. Synthetix is also in its 5th week of offering weekly OP rewards for its perps traders.

Coinbase Launches Base Camp
Coinbase launched a new learning program for smart contract development called Base Camp. The program curriculum includes Ethereum fundamentals, Solidity, and token standards with a focus on Base, which is Coinbase’s L2 rollup built on the OP Stack. Developers can earn NFT badges as they progress through the program.

Beaconcha.in To Maintain 4byte.directory

Ethereum block explorer Beaconcha.in announced it will now become the sole maintainer of the 4byte.directory signature database. Piper Merriam, the creator of the 4byte database, said he no longer wishes to manage infrastructure for the project and has decided to transfer ownership to Beaconcha.in, who agreed to maintain it. 4byte.directory is a database of over 1.2 million Ethereum function call signatures. Developers and users can use the database to search bytes and event signatures and map them to their human-readable versions. It also features an API for retrieving and filtering signatures. 4byte.directory processes close to 8.6 million daily requests.

Surplus Capturing AMM Feasibility Study

CoW Swap shared the results of a feasibility study for Surplus Capturing AMMs, a new type of AMM focused on protecting liquidity providers from arbitrageurs and MEV. The study proposes using the uniform clearing price (UCP) of the CoW batch auction for pricing. Currently, most AMMs use oracles to remedy price instability. The mechanism aims to better redistribute trading surplus between traders and LPs. The report found that volume controls are needed for price manipulation resistance. The report was funded by the ​​CoW Grants Program as the CoW Protocol uniform clearing price is considered a public good that can be used for other applications.

EIP-6963 Multiple Wallets In A Web Page

EIP-6963, a new standard that enables the use of multiple browser wallets on a web page, has moved to a review phase. The EIP introduces a set of window events to provide a two-way communication protocol between Ethereum libraries and injected scripts provided by browser extension wallets. Currently, users with multiple browser extension wallets are unable to control which browser wallet to load when connecting to a website. Instead of browser wallets loading in an unpredictable order, EIP-6963 will allow users to directly select a wallet. After the review phase, the EIP will move into a last call before becoming final.